Montana Center For Horsemanship & Conference “Of Horse, Human & Nature” Will Be Featured On Canada’s Zoomer Radio

By the Love of Horses Radio Show, heard on Zoomer Radio in Toronto, Canada, hosted by Red Scarf Equestrian Susan Jamieson, welcomes Janet Rose, of the Montana Center for Horsemanship, Sunday May 23rd at 10:00am Eastern Time.

Susan and Janet will discuss natural horsemanship, the La Cense Method, practiced and taught both in France at Haras de la Cense and in the U.S. at the Montana Center for Horsemanship. La Cense Method, was developed more than two decades ago by a team of equine researchers, experts and educators, under the leadership of international horseman William Kriegel, and put into practice first at Haras de la Cense in France and then at the Montana Center for Horsemanship.  The Montana Center for Horsemanship, a not-for-profit organization, also provides the nation’s first and only Bachelor of Science in Natural Horsemanship degree program, in partnership with the University of Montana Western.  The degree is awarded by UMW, and is an accredited, 4-year university program.  Other degree programs related to horsemanship are also offered.

As a guest interview, Janet will also offer highlights of the first Natural Horsemanship in the 21st Century conference, being held at MCH in Dillon, Montana September 9-11.  Called “Of Horse, Human and Nature,” the three-day conference will feature Dr Temple Grandin as a keynote speaker. Other keynotes include Dr. Barbara Baker, President & CEO of the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, the only zoo in the world incorporating natural horsemanship into its wildlife management training.  The conference will feature many other innovative horsewomen and horsemen who utilize natural horsemanship to help advance the horse-human relationship, well-being and training.  These individuals are working with youth, with veterans and inmates, and many other populations.  There will also be a half-day Packing & Outfitting Symposium with horses and mules.

The EQUUS INTERNATIONAL Film Festival and current award-winning films and filmmakers will also be part of this year’s Conference with film premiers and presentations every afternoon into evening.  The radio conversation with Janet will air Sunday, May 23, 2021 at 10 am (EDT).  The show will also be available on podcast at

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The mission of the Montana Center for Horsemanship
To help every horse and person make the most of their respective lives
To enable horses to learn effectively and experience “horse happiness” through Natural Horsemanship
To help individuals achieve personal and professional success in the equine fields

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