Road Trip! Prepare for the Ride and Keep Your Tack Supple and Safe with Manna Pro® Lexol® Leather Cleaning and Conditioning Products

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Manna Pro® announces its “Road Trip! Prepare for the Ride” promotion that highlights keeping your tack supple and safe with its Lexol® leather care line including Leather Cleaner, Leather Conditioner, Neatsfoot Leather Conditioner, and Leather Tack 3-in-1 Quick Care products.

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“Cleaning and conditioning your leather tack is one of the best insurance policies for staying safe during your rides,” shared Teri Nichols, Manna Pro Equine Brand Manager. “Dirty unconditioned leather tack can lead to failed latigos, broken reins, and snapped stirrup leathers that may result in serious injury to riders and horses.”

“Lexol leather care products are a trusted staple for horse people of all disciplines to preserve, protect, and enhance leather tack and riding boots,” continued Nichols.

Lexol leather cleaning video

Watch the Lexol video for a quick demonstration on how to clean saddle leather to help increase its longevity.

The Lexol leather care stable includes:

Lexol Leather Cleaner

Lexol Leather Cleaner is formulated specifically to leather’s pH so it safely cleans without causing deterioration or harm to the leather like traditional saddle soap can. It’s ideal to use with smooth leather including bridles, saddles, harnesses, and riding boots.

  • Leaves no surface residue or scum
  • For optimal results use with Lexol Neatsfoot Leather Conditioner or Lexol Conditioner
  • Available as a wipe and a liquid for convenient cleaning

 Lexol Leather Conditioner

The award-winning Lexol Leather Conditioner aids in softening and renewing leather. It conditions the leather to help protect it from premature aging and cracking. The premium oil formula helps keep the leather supple and strong. The oils bond to the leather fibers and won’t be absorbed into your clothing on non-leather surfaces.

  • Voted best leather conditioner in 20 years by Horse Journal
  • Prolongs the your leather’s life and protects your tack investment
  • Available as a wipe and a liquid for convenient cleaning
  • Use with Lexol Leather Cleaner for best results

 Lexol Neatsfoot Leather Conditioner

Lexol Neatsfoot Leather Conditioner offers the same great benefits of softening and renewing leather as the original Lexol Leather Conditioner, plus its non-darkening formula keeps your light colored saddles and bridles looking like new.

The conditioner helps prolong the life of your leather and protect your tack investment.

  • Non-darkening formula is ideal for smooth, light-colored leather
  • Softens leather and helps prevent cracking
  • Use with Lexol Leather Cleaner for best results

“We get it that many riders don’t always have time to go through a full cleaning and conditioning of their tack,” continued Nichols. “We created Lexol Leather Tack 3-in-1 Quick Care as the perfect ‘one and done’ solution to save precious barn time.  It cleans, softens, conditions, and rejuvenates leather in one simple step.”

 Lexol Leather Tack 3-in-1 Quick Care

Lexol Leather Tack 3-in-1 Quick Care provides an easy and quick one step solution to clean, condition, and protect your leather. It’s formulated to effectively and gently clean, condition, soften, and rejuvenate stiff leather. In addition, the product contains a UV protectant to shield your leather from the sun’s bleaching and drying effects.

  • The only equine leather care product that protects leather from sun damage
  • Extracts dirt from leather
  • Rejuvenates and softens stiff leather
  • Two out of three riders prefer Lexol 3-in-1 over other brands
  • Available in in easy-to-use 16.9 oz spray bottle

To purchase Lexol leather care products near you, visit the Manna Pro Dealer Locator or shop online at State Line Tack, Walmart, amazon, Tractor Supply, and chewy.

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