Equine Welfare Data Collective Begins New Strategic Plan

The United Horse Coalition’s (UHC) -Equine Welfare Data Collective recently embarked on a new strategic planning effort to further grow and develop the successful data initiative. The sessions were coached and led by Deb Balliet of Balliet & Associates, LLC (www.ballietconsulting.com/).

Launched in 2018, the EWDC is an effort to collect, analyze, and report data on equines at-risk of neglect and poor welfare, those transitioning from one home or vocation to another, and the multitude of tireless equine welfare organizations working diligently to provide critical assistance programming. Through data reports published free to the public, the EWDC helps to further the understanding of the demographics of owners and equines in need and the support services available to them.

The continued mission of the EWDC is to help the equine industry and community at large understand the needs of at-risk equines and those in transition so that funding and support can be directed appropriately and drive positive change. The EWDC aims to identify regionally and nationally the needs of at-risk equines and the effective ways equine welfare organizations are assisting them.

The finalized strategic plan identified opportunities for the EWDC to continue to increase participation in data collection and expand the reach of the vital information that is reported.

Julie Broadway, President of AHC stated “ We believe the work of EWDC has contributed to our understanding of the equine welfare space and given us direction on ways to further our efforts to help horses at risk. We are extremely thankful for Deb Balliet’s expert guidance in the process.”

Balliet indicated, “It is an honor to be a part of this important process of the EWDC. Collecting and analyzing the data is a vital step in identifying the issues that lead to horses becoming at-risk.  The work of EWDC and its participants will inform the solutions and enhance the work of equine rescue organizations.”

To view EWDC reports free of charge, or to contribute data, please visit the EWDC website at www.unitedhorsecoalition.org/ewdc/ or contact Emily Stearns, EWDC program manager at EWDC@horsecouncil.org.

About the American Horse Council Foundation and United Horse Coalition
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 The AHCF has two major initiatives that work under its auspices: the United Horse Coalition and the National Economic Impact Study.

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Contact: Emily Stearns
Equine Welfare Data Collective
Phone: 508-364-9673
E-Mail:  EWDC@horsecouncil.org

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