The June Issue of Sidelines Magazine Is Here

Everyone is flipping over the June issue of Sidelines Magazine, featuring U.S. Vaulting Team member Geoffrey Woolson on the cover!

Bullied in school for being the “weird kid wearing spandex on horses,” Geoffrey suffered from depression and almost quit vaulting. But support from his family kept him going. The June issue features two other riders who kept going when the going got tough — California dressage rider Elyse Hart and eventer and polocrosse star Andrew Diemer.

The headline of Elyse’s story may stop you in your tracks: Horses, Heroin and Hope. While Elyse loved horses and rode from the time she was little, when she hit her teen years she started drinking and using drugs. Don’t miss her story, her amazing recovery and her desire to help fellow equestrians facing addictions.

Andrew also has a remarkable story — which includes open-heart surgery and a lower-leg amputation — although that wasn’t enough to slow him down. Going from his deathbed in a hospital to being released from rehab and back on his horse the first day home, Andrew is an inspiration to all who meet him.

The June issue is packed with great stories and columns and you can read it in print, through our online flipbook on our website and on our app (make sure to put our app on your phone!).

Enjoy reading the June issue here.

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Jan Westmark, Editor-In-Chief

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