ECIR Group Inc. 2021 NO Laminitis! Conference Registration Open

Since 1999, the ECIR Group has improved the welfare of equines with metabolic disorder by focusing on prevention and treatment of endocrinopathic laminitis. Helping caregivers learn to recognize the importance of diagnosis, diet, trim, and exercise has seen thousands through the complications of Equine Cushing’s Disease and Insulin Resistance.

To this end, we are very happy to announce that the ECIR Group Inc. 2021 NO Laminitis! Conference Registration is open.

 Bridging Research and Real Life Across the World

When: The weekend of August 13 – 15, 2021.

 Where: ECIR Virtual Conference Room at the location of your choice.


  • Eleanor M. Kellon, VMD
  • Robert M. Bowker, VMD, PhD
  • Kathleen Gustafson, PhD
  • Elaine Norton, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVIM-LA               
  • Shannon Pratt-Phillips, MS, PhD, PAS
  • Paige Poss, APF, Anatomy of the Equine, LLC
  • Pete Ramey, PHCP Practitioner/Clinician

Attendees: Any professional or owner who has one or more horses in their care.

Ticket Pricing: 

  • Full Lecture Admission $280                               
  • Early-bird (Registration prior to 07.30.21) $250
  • Virtual Group Early Bird $500 (2+ at one dedicated Zoom link)
  • Veterinary Professional Early Bird $250
  • Qualified Veterinary students $175

Conference Topics:

  • EMS – What It’s Not.
  • Protein and Iron — Their Affect in EMS and PPID Horses. 
  • Pros and Cons of Forage Analysis and Targeted Supplementation.
  • The Effect of Exercise on Glucose Metabolism and Insulin Sensitivity in the Horse.
  • Strategies for Using Exercise as Part of Dietary Management for Overweight and/or Insulin Resistant Horses.
  • Common EMS and PPID Pharmaceuticals.
  • Emerging EMS and PPID Pharmaceuticals. 
  • The Genetics of EMS.
  • The Impact of Genetics on Height and Insulin Dysregulation in Welsh Ponies.
  • Take it with a Grain of Salt – Navigating Nutritional Fact and Fiction.
  • Reading the Foot – Thinking Vertically.
  • Reversing Hoof Capsule Rotation and Distal Descent.
  • Looking Internally at Distal Descent and Rotation in the Hoof.
  • Estimating Palmar Angle when Looking at the Hoof.
  • What is a Normal Foot? Questions Need to be Asked.
  • Trimming Practices Can Encourage Decline in Overall Foot Health.
  • Winter Laminitis: Why the normal trim can make an episode worse.
  • How Trimming Can Improve Foot Structure and Function.

NOTE: Recordings will be available to all attendees for six months post conference at a private Zoom Link.

 For those of you encouraging your veterinary and hoof care professionals to attend: 

This program has been approved for 18 hours of continuing education credit in jurisdictions that recognize RACE approval.

This event has been approved for 20.5 International Association of Professional Farriers (IAPF) Continuing Education Credits. For more information visit their website –

Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners (PHCP) has approved 20 Elective or CE credits for members attending the 2021 NO Laminitis! Conference.

Please note: This is a live event that will require attendance for CE credits.

We are very happy to announce our growing list of Benefactors, who strongly support the needs of the ECIR Group members. Many of these folks will be available in break-out sessions on Friday and Saturday afternoons.


California Trace

Soft-Ride Equine Comfort Boots

Auburn Laboratories, Inc. – APF



Mad Barn

Custom Equine Nutrition – VT Blend



Black Horse Spirit, LLC

Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners


Anderson Feed – NuZu Feed

Omega Fields


My Best Horse

Hay Chix

Island Pharmacy


Triple Crown

Pure Sole

About ECIR Group Inc.
Started in 1999, the ECIR Group is the largest field-trial database for PPID and EMS in the world and provides the latest research, diagnosis, and treatment information, in addition to dietary recommendations for horses with these conditions. Even universities do not and cannot compile and follow long term as many in-depth case histories of PPID/EMS  horses as the ECIR Group.

In 2013 the Equine Cushing’s and Insulin Resistance Group Inc., an Arizona nonprofit corporation, was approved as a 501(c)3 public charity. Tax deductible contributions and grants support ongoing research, education, and awareness of Equine Cushing’s Disease/PPID and EMS.

THE MISSION of the ECIR Group Inc. is to improve the welfare of equines with metabolic disorders via a unique interface between basic research and real-life clinical experience. Prevention of laminitis is the ultimate goal. The ECIR Group serves the scientific community, practicing clinicians, and owners by focusing on investigations most likely to quickly, immediately, and significantly benefit the welfare of the horse.

Contact:  Nancy Collins
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