StreamHorseTV Launches Live Weekly Broadcast with Laura Kelland-May

“Stable Social” premieres June 1st

StreamHorseTV is delighted to announce the launch of their new live video broadcast, Stable Social, hosted by Laura Kelland-May of Equestrian Skill Builders.  The weekly live equine variety show will premiere on June 1, 2021 at 7PM Eastern, sparking useful, engaging conversations for horse enthusiasts across the equine space.

Each episode will include a notable featured guest from the equine landscape, offering their stories, expertise, advice in their field, and thoughts on the equine industry. The program will also feature recurring guests, training tips and techniques, critiques of rider photo and video submissions, and a dedicated “Retraining Goals” segment following a retired racehorse and their rider as they navigate a second career.

Upcoming guests will include Debbie Roberts Loucks, CEO of Monty & Pat Roberts Inc. and host of Horsemanship Radio, and New York Times best-selling author Elizabeth Letts.

Equestrian Canada Senior Judge, Steward and sought-after clinician Laura Kelland-May will bring her expertise from “the other side of the fence,” namely the judges’ box. “I am very excited to have this opportunity to share my insight and knowledge with such an inclusive, diverse, and welcoming community,” says Kelland-May.

In addition to offering insight from the judges’ box, Kelland-May will be interviewing guests to provide an informative and insightful dialogue. Topics will range from training techniques and horse care to philosophical commentary, and entertainment segments with authors and artists. “We plan to bring in equine business leaders, riders and trainers, and be fearless in covering some hard-hitting topics like equine protection legislation and animal abuse. It’s going to be a great show,” Kelland-May says.

StreamHorseTV’s Natalie Mayrath adds, “Driving meaningful conversation is what we’re all about at StreamHorseTV and having Laura on, with her depth of experience and her knack for interviewing equestrian personalities, is a giant leap toward growing our all-inclusive community. I’m looking forward to raising the bar on providing useful entertainment programming in the equine space, while learning from our human guests and the horses they love.”

Stable Social airs LIVE weekly Tuesdays starting JUNE 1ST at 7PM Eastern on StreamHorseTV’s Facebook and YouTube. If you miss the live broadcast, Kelland-May says, “not to worry, you can catch the replay, but we encourage you to join us live.”  For sponsorship opportunities or guest appearance inquiries, including our “Retraining Goals” segment focusing on retired racehorses in-training, please contact Natalie Mayrath at

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About Laura Kelland-May
Laura Kelland-May is an Equestrian Canada Senior Judge (Jumper, Hunter, Equitation and Hack), Senior Steward, Competition Coach Specialist, High Performance Trainer and the host of various programs including Stable Social on StreamhorseTV.

Contact: Natalie Mayrath
StreamHorseTV Director Of Content

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