Stars Aligned to Bring The Movement 2021 to Life

When Monty Roberts began to plan his 4th annual event, The Movement  he couldn’t have predicted how all his favorite subjects could come together in one place; his Flag Is Up Farms in Solvang, California on June 18, 19 and 20. Monty is a globally renowned horse trainer and New York Times bestselling author, probably best known for his decades of advocating for the efficacy of violence-free training.

The direction for The Movement 2021 is called Transitions, Transformations, Trailblazers and he certainly had in mind the right persons for the jobs. His trailblazers have been busy in 2021 accomplishing great things but they also find themselves working together, serendipitously.

Ashley Avis, the director behind Disney’s newly released film, “Black Beauty,” founder of Winterstone Pictures, and president of the Wild Beauty Foundation, along with Marty Irby, executive director at Animal Wellness Action, and one of The Hill’s Top Lobbyists for 2020, recently recognized by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II for his work to protect horses, aligned to produce “Wild Beauty: Mustang Spirit of the West,” a documentary centered around the plight of America’s iconic wild mustangs that have long-faced eradication by the federal Bureau of Land Management.

Marty Irby and another trailblazer, Jamie Jennings, have the Queen of England in common as she also received recognition for her work for her extraordinary efforts to reduce violence in the training of horses and her dedication to assist veterans and first responders with post-traumatic stress by adopting Monty Roberts’ concepts and initiatives. Jamie was also named by The Right Horse Initiative, a program of the ASPCA, trainer-of-the-year as part of The Right Horse Initiative’s Good People for Good Horses Awards. Jamie is host of two popular podcast shows on the Horse Radio Network, Horses In the Morning and the Retired Racehorse Radio.

Four trailblazers, Ashley, Marty, Jamie and Monty will be working with feral horses as well as horses up for adoption in Monty’s Mustang & Transition Horse Program. It will be a truly unique journey where participants will be able to observe and experience the transformation of two different groups of horses over the course of all three days. From the breathtaking gentling of feral horses to the fascinating re-training of off the track Thoroughbreds and other horses, these horses are being given the chance to transition to new vocations.

The Movement is an annual event that first launched in 2018. A one of a kind experience, uniting outstanding speakers and live demonstrations with horses to show the unprecedented difference horses can make across all aspects of life. Hundreds of people around the world have attended in the past three years at Flag Is Up Farms for what many called a life changing experience.

“The world needs to know the value of horses where the human mind is concerned.” Monty Roberts

Attendees will experience Equus in action, the pure language of horses expressed as they are safely gentled in the IFA Gentling Facility. Transition horses are in training for their next careers, Join-Up demonstrated by founder Monty Roberts and experienced by a lucky attendee, stories of love and adoption, pasture herd experience, and other activities.

“Our mission is to spread the exciting discoveries that good horsemanship has been developing in the past 30+ years that Monty has been on the road. The horses have been validating what is increasing obvious, that gentle and fair handling of horses is causing better partnerships and better performance between horse and horsepersons. That is worth sharing and celebrating,” said Debbie Roberts Loucks.

“Horses are the unsung heroes of many parts of our life,” added Nelly Kennedy who voluntarily consults for the event, “They have unprecedented healing power and they help us learn, lead and live better.”


June 18th

  • 9am Check in, participants receive passes and VIP bags
  • 10am-4pm  –  Day 1 Programming  (incl. Equus concept, demos in the Round pen and Gentling pen, Mustang storytelling)

June 19th

  • 10am-4pm –  Day 2  Programming (incl Horses as Healers concept and storytelling, demos in the Round pen and Gentling pen)
  • 4pm-6pm  –  Cheese & Wine & Stories

June 20th

  • 10am-4pm –  Day 3 Programming  (incl Breathing as a training concept, demos across Flag Is Up, ridden storytelling)
  • 4pm – End of The Movement 2021

“What makes this movement strong is the number of people willing to believe there is a teachable path to a better way with each other,” Debbie Roberts Loucks added, “which is why the comments coming in are so encouraging.”

Quotes by attendees:

“Who knew this was not just about horses and how they think react and respond. It’s on us. We need to be more self aware in order to communicate with these beautiful precious animals!!!”

“As soon as you arrive at the ranch, you can feel a sense of calm from the combined beauty of the setting and animals, which is enhanced by the openness, positivity, and compassion of the unique community that The Movement brings together.”
Rod S.

Lunch is included on all three days and for any questions contact or at 1-805-688-6288.

Beautiful photos available upon request


The New York Times bestselling author and world-renowned horse trainer Monty Roberts is available for interviews.

 MONTY ROBERTS first gained widespread fame with the release of his New York Times Best Selling book, The Man Who Listens To Horses; a chronicle of his life and development of his non-violent horse training methods called Join-Up®. Monty grew up on a working horse farm as a firsthand witness to traditional, often violent methods of horse training and breaking the spirit with an abusive hand. Rejecting that, he went on to win nine world’s championships in the show ring. Today, Monty’s goal is to share his message that “Violence is never the answer.” Roberts has been encouraged by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with the award of the Membership in The Royal Victorian Order, as well as becoming Patron of Join-Up International. Other honors received were the ASPCA “Founders” award and the MSPCA George T. Angell Humanitarian Award and FEI’s Man of the Year. Monty was recently included as Horse and Hound Magazine’s Top 50 Horsemen of All Time. Monty is credited with launching the first of its kind Equus Online University; an interactive online lesson site that is the definitive learning tool for violence-free training.

JOIN-UP philosophies can be seen at work with both humans and horses across the world, from farms to major corporations. To learn more about Monty Roberts or the many applications of his Join-Up training methods, visit Horse Sense and Soldiers aired on Discovery Military in 2010 highlighting the therapeutic effect horses and Monty Roberts’ Join-Up® have on PTSD. Soon after Monty and his team developed the Horse Sense & Healing program for veterans and first responders. Lead-Up International was officially launched worldwide at the Monty Roberts International Learning Center in Solvang, California, in February 2017. The purpose of Lead-Up International is to reduce violence in the community by creating peaceful leaders from vulnerable youth utilizing equine-assisted therapy and non-verbal communication, building trust-based relationships.

The Movement is an annual event first launched in 2018 which aims to create a one of a kind experience, uniting outstanding speakers and live demonstrations with horses to show the unprecedented difference horses can make across all aspects of life.

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