AHP Member Katie Navarra Featured Guest on “How To Market Your Horse Business” Podcast

Horse business owners make lots of decisions daily, and often on the fly. But what about those big decisions? How does a business owner know which way to go?

On the “How to Market Your Horse Business” podcast, upstate New York AHP member Katie Navarra joins host Denise Alvarez to talk about effectively riding the crossroads on the business trail.

Navarra explained how understanding strengths-based assessments and personality tests can help business owners make better decisions. The episode introduced the “wheel of life,” and how knowing where a business sits in each category can give the business owner guidance for decision making.

 “As business owners, you’re never making a decision in a funnel. It typically impacts both your personal and your business life,” Alvarez said. “That’s why I think the insights and questions to ask yourself that Katie provided are like golden nuggets of wisdom that every horse business owner should take to heart.”

An outside eye can be key,” Navarra said. “Sometimes we just need a third party to help us get perspective and ask us questions to make us think in a new way.”

 Here are some key questions business owners should ask when making big decisions:

  1. What are they tolerating?
  2. What makes them happy?
  3. What might be possible?
  4. Imagine three years from now. How does the business owner want to answer the question, “What have you been doing the last three years?”
  5. What’s the owner’s personal mission statement?
  6. If nothing changes, what’s the worst that can happen?

“I’m so grateful to have Katie sharing these helpful questions for horse business owners to ask themselves when they’re making a big decision,” Alvarez said. “She’s like your favorite go-to person for when you’re mulling over a big decision—the one who will listen to you talk about the pros and cons and go back-and-forth, and then give you the sound wisdom or guidance you need.”

Listen to the episode at Stormlily.com/36, Apple podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify.

Have you come to a fork in your own crossroad? Don’t throw away the reins and hope for the best. Call Katie and find out what drives you.

Set up a complimentary 30-minute introductory phone call with Katie Navarra now to experience how coaching can benefit you. Write to Katie at ktnavarra@gmail.com or call (518) 312-7031.

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