EQUUS Winnie Tour Stop will be Galloping into Bozeman Montana Next Week for the Art of the Cowgirl Fest

The EQUUS Film & Arts Fest will be celebrating the cowgirl and her horses at the annual

Art Of The Cowgirl” Fest in Bozeman Montana, June 24 – 27, 2021. Partnering with the film “Cowboys: A Documentary Portrait” and its producer Felicitas Funke for three days of film screenings. EQUUS TV will be on hand interviewing festival participants.

There will be a collection of Western film content, featuring the documentary “COWBOYS – A Documentary Portrait”. Told in the cinematic tradition of classic westerns, “COWBOYS” is a feature-length film that gives viewers the opportunity to ride alongside modern working cowboys on some of America’s largest and most remote cattle ranches. The movie documents the lives of the men and women working on these “big outfit” ranches – some of which are over one million acres – and still require full crews of horseback mounted workers to tend large herds of cattle.

The Art of the Cowgirl Event is a gathering to celebrate cowgirls and their contributions to western lifestyle and culture, to raise funds to support up and coming artists to expand their knowledge and skills via fellowships with master artists in their field.

 The event will not only provide entertainment and honor women of the west, but also provide fellowships to individuals to further their knowledge with master artists in the trade of choice. The contributions of these cowgirl makers are truly worth celebrating and we look forward to sharing them with you.

Make plans to join us in beautiful Bozeman Montana, Trudy Midas EQUUS Film & Arts Fest supporter and founder of Espana Silk Products will be there with samples for our guest.

 The EQUUS Film & Arts Fest highlights and rewards the diverse and creative efforts of those who pay artistic homage to the horse. Every horse has a story, it’s our mission at the EQUUS Film & Arts Fest to share those stories, through film, art and literature.

 Save the dates! EQUUS Film & Arts Fest 2021 will take place both “Virtually” and “Live” November 12 – 21, 2021 in Ocala, Florida.  More info coming soon.

 Visit our website at www.equusfilmfestival.net and like us on FaceBook and Twitter.

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