Katherine Heigl and Animal Wellness Action Announce Rally to Stop the Roundup of Onaqui Herd in Utah

On Friday, July 2, 2021, actress Katherine Heigl will be joined by Animal Wellness Action, the Center for a Humane Economy, the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, Wild Horse Photo Safaris, the Red Birds Trust, and the Cloud Foundation in sponsoring a “Wild Horse and Burro Freedom Rally” to be held at 10:00 a.m. MST on the south steps of the Utah State Capitol. Press should plan to arrive at the event at 9:30 a.m. MST.

Last month, Heigl, a Utah resident, and co-founder of the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to animal welfare, joined the campaign to prevent the roundup of the Onaqui herd in the Great Basin Desert. The herd is scheduled to be rounded up on July 12 and held in private holding facilities by the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and U.S. Dept. of Interior (DOI) led by Secretary Deb Haaland, a former Member of Congress from New Mexico.

“We are elated to have Katherine Heigl working with us at Animal Wellness Action and are grateful for her tremendous support of our organization and the Onaqui herd,” said Marty Irby, executive director at Animal Wellness Action who was recently honored by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, II for his work to protect horses. “Advocates intent on joining the rally to support our efforts should arrive no later than 8:30 a.m. MST for planning and placement purposes.”

Background on the Onaqui Herd:

Descended from horses used by pioneers and native tribes in the late 1800’s, the Onaqui horses are known for their robust beauty and their ability to thrive in the harsh environment of the Great Basin Desert of western Utah. They are a favorite among wild horse photographers and enthusiasts and are believed to be the most popular and photographed wild herd in the country. Tourists from all over the country, and even the world, travel to Utah to view and photograph their favorite animals, including stallions with names like Charger, Goliath, Buck, Moondrinker, with glimpses of the herd’s elder statesman, Gandalf (also known as “Old Man” by some), being the most coveted prize.

Visit the campaign website at SaveTheOnaqui.org for more details on the rally.

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