Stocked and Loaded – Science Supplements® USA is Ready to Ship!

After a promising first year, the team from Science Supplements® USA is ready to push forward post-pandemic and leave the trials of 2020 behind!  Our shelves are full, the Equine Health & Nutritional staff is ready and available, and there are several great new products and offerings available now with more coming in the next few months!

Additionally, great new retailers are coming onboard and offering the UK’s Number One Independently Rated Equine Supplement brand both in-stores and through their websites.  Additional retail opportunities are available by contacting General Manager Ryan Mulligan at

The quickly growing team of loyal professional and amateur ambassador riders and trainers across the country has been a driving force for the establishment of Science Supplements here in America.  Science Supplements® continues to build their ambassadorship program for riders, trainers, and boarding stables with personalized options that are rooted in building a nutritional foundation for equine health, performance, and well-being.

With transparency as a primary core value, Science Supplements® staff and advisors encourage all customers to have a better understanding of the products they use for their horses’ health and nutrition. Science Supplements® maintains a toll-free advice line to help answer questions free of cost at (844) SCI-SUPP (844-724-7877), helping customers take an educated look at equine health and nutrition, and taking time to explain how to properly read labels and compare products.  Customers are also encouraged to email the Head of Nutrition Jenna Kutzner-Mulligan, MS at for a comprehensive diet analysis.

About Science Supplements®
The very first Science Supplements products were the brainchild of Dr David Marlin, a scientist with 25 years’ experience in the horse industry who has worked with the FEI, IOC, and as a consultant to the British Equestrian Teams since 1994.

Author of books and over 200 scientific papers, Dr Marlin developed these products to fulfill the need of his professional clients for quality supplements containing high grade, clinically proven ingredients that work.

From 2003 – 2012 the range of supplements were only available to professional riders, trainers, producers, yards and studs in racing, polo, endurance, showjumping, eventing, and dressage, plus to the wider equestrian community in the United States in partnership with Purina Animal Nutrition. 2014 saw the launch of the products in the UK and further export to other parts of the world. In 2019, the US division of Science Supplements was incorporated, with the first products shipping out to US and Canada horses in early 2020.

Science Supplements Inc
Ryan Mulligan, General Manager
Direct: (864) 630-0459 |

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