GGT-Footing™ Continues with Summer Sizzling Promotions!

As we head into the high heat of summer, GGT Footing continues to cool things down with great opportunities to purchase the highest quality footing amendments available.

Offering footing that is suitable for Olympic Level Venues and private farms, our experienced consultants are well versed in arena footing needs, working with all levels of riders and facilities.

The safety of the horse is always in the forefront of our recommendations. Providing proper stabilization and concussion relief as well as biomechanical support through our top-notch footing and sand recommendations.

GGT Footing offers Matting systems for base use. We have installers that can install simple sand arenas or very complex underground water drip systems, and ebb and flow styles.

We are proud to partner with three unique companies offering high-quality water free footing.

We are wrapping up our current promotions ending tomorrow and will start our July thru Sept promotions while quantities last.

  • Now is the time to refresh your arena and get a new groomer with a great offer of free shipping with footing.
  • Do not miss out on our promo with our number one jumper blend with 30% fiber. (Restrictions on color apply)
  • For example, a 20,0000 sq foot arena with a 10,000-pound quantity could cost as low as $8500 with free shipping.

 Grey/white 30% & off-white 30% (limited inventory) – free shipping, 4,000 lbs. minimum order.

  • 57” groomers – $200 off (from $2,680 to $2,480) will ship free with footing order of 4,000 lbs. or more
  • 71” groomers – $350 off (from $4,450 to $4,100) will ship free with footing order of 4,000 lbs. or more

East Coast: Contact: Barbara DiPalma at 864-804-8664 or email

West Coast: Contact: Amanda Wild at 864-415-2526 or email

For more than 20 years Polysols has been producing innovative products for the market of riding arena construction. All our products are virgin material. We repurpose remnant virgin material to make various textile blends. With our focus on developing the best combination of includes synthetic chopped nonwoven material, and combining it with a high-quality Silica Sand, GGT-Footing™ has elevated equestrian footing used throughout different disciplines and different levels of performance.

​No matter what your discipline is or skill level, our expertise and guidance will assist you in developing a world-class riding arena that protects you and your horse.

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