Julie Goodnight Hits the Road: Fall 2021 Horsemanship Clinics & Riding Retreats

After over a year without travel, Julie Goodnight announces her Fall 2021 clinic and retreat schedule. See if she is coming to an arena near you, and learn to build a strong and meaningful partnership with your horse at JulieGoodnight.com/Events.

“I’m thrilled to get back on the road this year, and I’ve got some fabulous new programs that were on hold in 2020,” says Goodnight. “I’ve missed working directly with people and their horses over the past year, and I’m ready to jump back in the arena.”

Goodnight’s 2021 Clinics & Riding Retreats:

  • September 11-12, 2021 in Alachua, FL: 2-Day Horsemanship Clinic Goodnight’s horsemanship clinics focus on understanding the horse’s natural behavior, foundational riding skills, and developing advanced horsemanship skills. Bring your horse or come as a spectator.
  • September 16-20, 2021 in Granby, CO: Ranch Riding Adventure Riding Retreat Join Goodnight for the best of both worlds—an educational horsemanship clinic, and a fun, all-inclusive riding vacation at the renowned C Lazy U Ranch! Riding a ranch horse, you’ll have daily lessons with Julie, trail obstacle challenges, cattle sorting, and guided trail rides in the mountains. Evening activities include horsemanship workshops and socializing.
  • October 7-11, 2021 in Granby, CO: Saddle Up! Women’s Leadership™ Riding Retreat A trail-blazing program designed for professionals and business leaders at the C Lazy U Ranch. No prior experience with horses is necessary. Julie Goodnight & Barbra Schulte—both distinguished cowgirls, horse trainers, and innovators in leadership training—share their success-building leadership lessons learned from the back of a horse.
  • October 21-25, 2021 in Granby, CO: Horsemanship Immersion Riding Retreat For insatiable learners and with a laboratory of 200 horses to study, this program is focused on education and skill-building in horse behavior, ground handling, first aid, health and nutrition, conformation, tack fitting, equitation, and training techniques in a luxurious, vacation-like setting at the C Lazy U Ranch.

Goodnight’s Florida clinic is open for riders and spectators. Visit JulieGoodnight.com/Events to get more information and book your spot, or call (719) 530-0531 for more details. To book one of Goodnight’s popular C Lazy U Riding Retreats in Granby, CO, go to CLazyU.com/Special-Events.

About Julie Goodnight
Goodnight is the popular host and producer of Horse Master, a successful how-to TV series on handling, riding, and training horses. Goodnight travels extensively sharing her no-gimmick horsemanship with riders of all disciplines. Goodnight is experienced with many kinds of riding—she grew up on the hunter-jumper circuits in Florida and is now at home in the West. She and her husband, Rich Moorhead, live in the mountains near Salida, Colorado, and enjoy riding the trails and training cow-horses.

Explore Goodnight’s training library of articles, videos, and more at JulieGoodnight.com/Academy.

Contact: Press@juliegoodnight.com

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