“Horse Industry Podcast”: Free, New Podcast for Horse Lovers

Podcast hosts Regina Schinker and Lynn Cool grew up together with a passion for the horse industry. Throughout their entire lives, they have lived and breathed the lifestyle from 4-H beginnings to World Championships. Their new Horse Industry Podcast brings the lifetime of adventures and the industry they love to life. They invite listeners to join them weekly to learn a little, laugh a little and enjoy the Horse Industry Podcast as they explore the “stories of the industry.”

In their most recent episode, Regina and Lynn talked about the mysterious disappearance of Brach Candy heiress Helen Vorhees Brach.

Upcoming episodes will include an interview with pleasure horse industry icon Julie Harnish, an interview with HAALA denim from the Paint World Show, and King Ranch!

 Horse Industry Podcast is available on Anchor by Spotify. To access the podcast: https://anchor.fm/horse-industry-podcast

Contact Regina and Lynn at hiphipodcast@gmail.com



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