Horse Network Launches #WeRideTogether PSA Campaign to Bring Much-Needed Awareness, Education, and Resources to Help Counter Sexual Misconduct and Abuse in Horse Sport

The Four-Part Video Series and Content-rich Microsite Aims to Protect and Empower Youth, Safeguard Ethical Trainers and Coaches, and Continue to Preserve and Grow Equestrian Sport


Sexual misconduct and abuse have long been an issue in equestrian sport, and is often ignored, minimized, or wrongly blamed on the victim. The equestrian community is no longer sitting idly by. Today, leading digital media platform Horse Network, in collaboration with Wrigley Media Group and the Kehring family, has launched #WeRideTogether, a powerful new series of educational and eye-opening digital PSAs and an in-depth microsite designed to empower, inform, and unite the equestrian community.

#WeRideTogether gives a voice to survivor stories, provides resources to report abuse and get help, and offers educational information for athletes, coaches, and families. The microsite will be updated on an ongoing basis to provide a safe place for survivors to share their experiences.

“#WeRideTogether was developed as a multifaceted campaign to promote transparent and safe dialogue within the industry, help shift the imbalance of power between coach and athlete, and raise awareness for the many forms grooming and abuse can take,” said Lauren Kay, #WeRideTogether spokesperson. “Sadly, sexual abuse of minors is common in all sports. We are proud that the equestrian community has taken a bold step forward to be the leader in true change that all coaches and competitors can understand and embrace.”

Central to the campaign is the four-part #WeRideTogether PSA series, produced by Wrigley Media Group and distributed through Horse Network’s diverse digital platform and social media channels. The series features expert commentary from youth protection advocate and expert, Les Nichols, powerful first-person interviews from sexual abuse survivors, and more.

“Our mission at Horse Network is to grow horse sport. When we protect young athletes, we protect the future of the sport—it’s as simple as that,” said Carley Sparks, Editor-in-Chief, Horse Network. “We’re incredibly proud to be part of the amazing team working to shed light on this important topic and grateful to the brave survivors who have entrusted us with their stories.”

“I have devoted the better part of my life to Equestrian sport—it’s part of my DNA,” says Misdee Wrigley Miller, CEO, Wrigley Media Group. “Wrigley Media Group is committed to do doing our part in giving victims a voice and helping to raise awareness to an issue that has been avoided far too long.  In order for this sport to continue to thrive, it is up to us, who are immersed in its community, to facilitate change. We intend to do just that.”

#WeRideTogether is a true movement and cultural shift that demands increased accountability from trainers and coaches, gives survivors a safe platform for their voice, and helps diminish the stigma and fear of coming forward.

Watch the first PSA, “Empty Chair” here and visit WeRideTogether.Today to learn more.

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