Clare Staples of Skydog Sanctuary & Jamie Baldanza Create a Short Film, Narrated by Daryl Hannah

Clare Staples, founder of Skydog Sanctuary and Jamie Baldanza, a wild horse advocate, photographer, and filmmaker, teamed up to create their second film to raise awareness for wild horses who may end up in kill pens. This year’s film is narrated by actress and horse advocate, Daryl Hannah.

This short film is the story of three, young, mustang mares who end up in a kill pen in Kansas and find their way to Skydog Sanctuary. Through their story Clare and Jamie hope to bring awareness to the issue so people will take action and call their representatives.

To learn more about the film and its full mission please contact Jamie Baldanza at

About Skydog Sanctuary (Instagram: @skydogsanctuary)
Skydog Ranch is a permanent home for wild mustangs and burros who have ended up in horrible and dangerous situations – at kill pens, auctions, and homes where they have been abused or starved. The horses at Skydog often enter dire circumstances following relocation from their native habitat by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. Skydog aims to create a respectful and loving environment for these vulnerable and mistreated animals.

Skydog Sanctuary has locations in Malibu and Mariposa, California, plus a 9,000 acre ranch near Bend, Oregon.

About Jamie Baldanza (Instagram: @thismustanglife)
Jamie Baldanza is a professional equine photographer and filmmaker dedicated to preserving America’s wild horses. Jamie’s production company “This Mustang Life” concentrates on bringing animal causes to the public through film and photography.

Jamie is currently working on her docu-series “Wild Lands Wild Horses.”  “Wild Lands Wild Horses” is a docu-series that transports you across 12 western states consisting of 150M+ acres of public lands. Beautiful cinematography that takes place in the wild is woven into exclusive conversations with scientists, ranchers, government officials, and wildlife advocates, who — despite their differences — all share the same goal:


Jamie Baldanza

Film and trailer available on request.



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