StreamHorseTV Opens Exclusive Investment Window

StreamHorseTV is excited to announce that it has opened an exclusive one-time investment window to accelerate its plans to become a household equine media brand name.

StreamHorseTV is the premier international digital community where horse enthusiasts join to expand their horizons in equine sports and culture. StreamHorseTV is the only digital media brand working to elevate equestrian culture and boldly unite the $300 billion global equine industry. All horse sports. All horse lovers. All engaged in one place. We celebrate and honor the horse as our beloved common thread.

From July 2014 through July 2020, StreamHorseTV was the top livestream directory for the FEI recognized sports. In August 2020, mother and son team Joanne and Tom Pierce of Pierce the HeArt Lessons acquired the company. They quickly rebranded and expanded the platform to honor and promote the incredibly diverse horse sports, cultures, and organizations around the world by way of the all-inclusive StreamHorseTV Guide, StreamHorseTV Blog, StreamHorseTV Sports, and the free trailblazing original content of StreamHorseTV Shows.

Leading the herd in innovative service journalism and entertainment at StreamHorseTV is Director of Content Natalie Mayrath. Natalie, an avid horse-lover with a background in eventing and a lifelong passion for thoroughbred racing, is also a veteran multimedia journalist and producer who comes from the worlds of network documentaries, live entertainment television, and digital programming.

To align directly with their mission to boldly unite all horse lovers and dramatically increase the industry’s accessibility, CEO Tom Pierce is looking for a diverse group of strategic investors from around the horse and digital media world to ride with them down that trail.

Pierce notes, “Like a lot of the industry, horse media and entertainment, especially digital, is fraught with pain points and inefficiencies that offer clear opportunities to us. We want our capital table to represent the true diversity of the global horse world. The authenticity of our all-are-welcome brand should be represented from the top down.”

When asked “Why now?” Pierce replied, “In one way or another, everyone loves horses. Excitingly for all over the past few months, horses are being talked about in the mainstream media more than usual. However, it will be short lived. Coming off the hooves of #RaveHorse virality in Tokyo, a controversial Triple Crown, and some attention to the wild mustangs out west, StreamHorseTV will be there when the mainstream flash in the pan dissipates in the lives of horse lovers outside of our industry. We will be the constant reminder for all communities that horses are amazing every day of the year.”

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Contact: Tom Pierce

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