“Horse Industry Podcast”: Three-part Episode on the Mysterious Death of 1950’s Equestrian Joan Robinson Hill Explored

In their most recent episode, Regina and Lynn talked about the mysterious death of 1950’s and 1960’s equestrian Joan Robinson Hill.

Joan Robinson Hill was a socialite and equestrian who was allegedly murdered by her husband Dr. John Hill. The 3-part series discusses Joan’s upbringing, close relationship with her parents, and her rocky marriage. But perhaps most heartwarming is her relationship with her beloved horse, aptly named Beloved Belinda. Did her husband Dr. John Hill play a part in her death? Who murdered Dr. John Hill?

Here’s the link to the podcast:

Horse Industry Podcast is available on Anchor by Spotify. To access the podcast: https://anchor.fm/horse-industry-podcast

Contact Regina and Lynn at hiphipodcast@gmail.com


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