Journal Brings Home Awards

The American Quarter Horse Journal recently earned several top awards from the Livestock Publications Council and American Horse Publications writing, photography, illustration and design awards contests.

The newly redesigned American Quarter Horse Journal recently brought home several awards from two professional organizations. In July, the Journal won the prestigious James Flanagan Most Improved Publication and General Excellence Publication awards in the 2021 Livestock Publications Council Awards Contest. In September, the Journal received the General Excellence Award for magazines with a circulation of more than 15,000 in the American Horse Publications Awards Contest. That was followed up with the coveted General Excellence Overall Award for all publications entered in all of the AHP General Excellence categories.

“The AQHA magazine is full of informative and entertaining articles written in an engaging, conversational tone,” wrote the AHP judges. “The clean design results in a magazine that is enjoyable to page through. Subjects, text, graphics, and other elements all work together to fulfill the magazine’s mission statement. This publication can stand in the same ranks as any architectural, lifestyle, or enthusiast magazine published in New York and other major media centers.”

Published since 1948, the Journal is one of the most respected and widely circulated magazines in the equine industry. The magazine was redesigned in early 2020 as a lifestyle publication that celebrates the American Quarter Horse lifestyle with amazing photography and well-crafted features on the people, horses and traditions that make our breed, members and industry unique. The magazine, printed eight times a year, is mailed to all AQHA members as a benefit of their membership in the Association.

The Journal staff includes AQHA Chief Revenue Officer  Patty Tiberg, Editor Emeritus Jim Jennings, Director of Art, Production and Design Tim Archer, Editor-in-Chief Becky Newell, Managing Editor Holly Clanahan, Senior Editor Andrea Caudill and Graphic Designers Clint Swearingen and David Brown.

The sales team is made up of Director of Sales Jenn Sanders, Corporate Partner Manager Maegen Taylor, Sales Specialist Karen Barnhart, Sales Specialist Tamra Kyle and Sales Support Specialist Geneva Brown.

The Livestock Publications Council is an international organization serving the dynamic livestock communications industry. Other LPC awards captured by the Journal include first, second and honorable mention in Editorial Photography, with “Riding Out” by Bee Silva, “Unwavering Strength” by Bee Silva and “At the Water’s Edge” by Emily McCartney; honorable mention in National Show Coverage for “Ribbons, Dreams and History in the Making” by Becky Newell; first and second place in Single Article Layout/Design for “Catching the Light” by Clint Swearingen and “Master Maker” by David Brown; second place for Single Photo/Graphic for “Dear Younger Me,” illustrated by Jean Abernethy; first and second place in Feature/Human Interest Story for “The Hackamore Man” by Holly Clanahan and “Dear Younger Me Anne Brzezicki” by Katie Navarra and Larri Jo Starkey.

American Horse Publications is a nonprofit professional membership association that promotes excellence in equine media and is dedicated to excellence in equine media through education and communication. In AHP feature writing, the Journal received a first for “A Master Maker,” written by AQHA Managing Editor Holly Clanahan; first for “Unwavering Strength,” written by Larri Jo Starkey; second for “A Special Breed,” written by freelance writer Lindsay Keller; third for “Hackamore Man,” written by Holly Clanahan; honorable mention for “Family Ties,” written by AQHA Senior Editor Andrea Caudill; and honorable mention for “Dear Younger Me: Anne Brzezicki,” written by Larri Jo Starkey and freelance writer Katie Navarra.

In layout and design, the Journal was first with “Catching the Light” by AQHA Graphic Designer Clint Swearingen.

In photography and illustrations, the Journal received second place for “The Water’s Edge” by freelance photographer Emily McCartney; second for illustrations for “Dear Younger Me: Anne Brzezicki” by freelance illustrator Jean Abernethy; third for the November 2020 Journal cover photo of Epic Leader by freelance photographer Bee Silva; honorable mention for the photo “Billy Klapper Makes Sparks” by AQHA Videographer/Photographer Doug McElreath; and honorable mention for the photo “Riding Out” by freelance photographer Bee Silva.

Among other awards, AQHA Partner Farnam received third place for its AQHA World Show ad, using a photo shot by Doug McElreath.

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Sarah Davisson
AQHA Director of Communications and Special Events

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