Free Equestrian Marketing Challenge Begins Monday, October 4

Horse business owners are invited to join a free 5-Day Equestrian Marketing Challenge with Denise Alvarez, host of the How to Market Your Horse Business Podcast and owner of Stormlily  Marketing.

The 5-Day Equestrian Marketing Challenge begins Monday, October 4, and will help business owners in the equine industry get clarity on who they’re marketing to and how to do it online.

“How do I get traction on social media from scratch?”

“What should I be posting?”

“What’s the key to a great website?”

“Is email marketing for me?”

This is just a taste of the questions Denise gets from her podcast community as well as her website design and email marketing clients.

“When my clients see what’s possible in terms of online marketing and how it can help them build a sustainable business so they can keep doing what they love, then they feel better about investing their time or energy in it,” says Alvarez.

“That’s why I created this challenge, to help even more horse business owners connect the dots and learn how your website, social media, and email marketing should all work together, no matter the niche you serve or the size of your business.”

Each day of the challenge is set up to make progress on a specific aspect of marketing and it’s framed around the series of steps you’d follow when training a horse.

Day 1

Groundwork: Audience Demographics

Day 2

First Saddling: Social Media

Day 3

Training Progression: Websites

Day 4

Maneuvers: Email Marketing

Day 5

Show Ring: Put It All Together

All horse business owners are invited to join the challenge by going to

Associations and publications are invited to share about this challenge on social media, in print, or online. Just use this link:

 About Stormlily Marketing
Denise Alvarez is a horse girl who also loves marketing. As the owner of Stormlily Marketing, she provides website design and email marketing services to equine businesses and hosts the How to Market Your Horse Business Podcast. If you want to grow your business but you’d rather be out with the horses than at your computer trying to figure out a website or email marketing, Stormlily Marketing is here for you.

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Stormlily Marketing

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