Ditch the Big White Board

Once upon a time, a seasoned horse owner found herself in need of her horse’s records.

This owner lived in a cold, northern state, and she was excited to move her horse to an indoor arena to escape the spring mud. To make it so, she needed to submit her gelding’s most recent, 2-year history of health records, including his deworming schedule, which the owner administers herself.

Gathering this information posed a problem because she had just moved, started her child in a new school, was unpacking, and frankly, was too disorganized. It would take her hours to find the physical records amongst all the boxes piled on top of one another.

Let’s fast forward a year, shall we?

The HorseNet has faithful users that recommended this helpful tool to Ms. Disorganized. The HorseNet provides the ultimate solution to keeping track of equine records digitally for quick, easy access.

This year when heading to that same indoor arena to escape the spring mud, guess who had all her records conveniently in one place?

You guessed it, Ms. Happy Horse Owner! She quickly grabbed all the dates and paperwork from her handy dandy digital files and sent them over in minutes to the boarding facility.

You may have a backyard pony or an Olympic barn with hundreds of horses. Either way, equine record-keeping is critical, as well as finding and listing equine events, having access to a marketplace to buy and sell horses and equipment, and much more.

Here’s to becoming super organized!

 You can preview a complete list of website features: www.thehorsenet.com.

About the founder of The HorseNet, Marsha Martin:
Marsha Martin has been a life-long horse lover! She has done everything from camping and trail riding to winning an AQHA World Championship (in Team Roping) aboard her heart horse, “Gustafus James” (a.k.a. “Gus”).  Marsha worked in the Healthcare Industry and experienced software tools that solved a wide variety of problems.  She realized the Horse Industry didn’t have any tools like this!  In her experience owning horses and working within the industry, she discovered a need for a site that connected different aspects of the industry (horse businesses, events, marketplace, AND horse health/performance records) while offering a community to connect with.

To reach Marsha directly, please contact her here: office@thehorsenet.com or www.thehorsenet.com.

Contact: Marsha Martin

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