“Horse Industry Podcast”: Equine Bone and Joint Health (Including a Discussion on Lunging and Injections!) with Alyssa Logan, Ph.D. Candidate

In this episode, Regina sits down with Horse Industry Researcher Alyssa Logan. Alyssa is a PhD candidate at Michigan State University studying Equine Exercise Physiology.

Regina and Alyssa talk about the cutting-edge research she’s doing and how it will impact the horse industry as a whole. Her graduate research focuses on the impact that exercise and management have on equine bone and joint health. Alyssa has special interest in management and exercise of performance horses. Before her academic career, she had years of varied experience riding and showing horses. Growing up in Oakland County, MI, Alyssa showed with her local 4-H club and equestrian team, through which she found a love of pattern classes. In academic and professional horseman capacities, Alyssa works to combine scientific evidence as well as the realistic desires of the horse industry to explore methods of exercise and management which will lead to healthy careers for performance horses

Here’s the link to the podcast:

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