Too Many Rules on Facebook?

What if you could list a horse for sale on a platform without having to navigate pages of rules, or create your own secret language to share that you have a horse for sale?

Over the last few years, so much has changed on social media platforms that now, simply listing a horse for sale has become much more challenging.

How would it make you feel if you had the confidence knowing that once you listed a horse for sale, it would be available for all the world to see – without the restrictions?

We are proud to showcase a smart, simple, and effective website that serves the equine industry – The HorseNet.

Without getting too techy, this website is besties with Google. We have set it up to ensure that our website runs on maximum efficiency and findability for each listing.

The bonus to this emerging website is we offer more than just horse listings.

You can preview a complete list of website features:

About the founder of The HorseNet, Marsha Martin:
Marsha Martin has been a life-long horse lover!

She has done everything from camping and trail riding to winning an AQHA World Championship (in Team Roping) aboard her heart horse, “Gustafus James” (a.k.a. “Gus”).  Marsha worked in the Healthcare Industry and experienced software tools that solved a wide variety of problems.  She realized the Horse Industry didn’t have any tools like this!  In her experience owning horses and working within the industry, she discovered a need for a site that connected different aspects of the industry (horse businesses, events, marketplace, AND horse health/performance records) while offering a community to connect with.

To reach Marsha directly, please contact her here: or

Contact: Marsha Martin

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