Don’t Miss The Business Animal’s Second Season

The vivacious duo, Kimberly Beer of Be More Business and Cara Taylor Swift of Fast Horse Photography announce the much-anticipated recordings of Season 2 from The Business Animal Podcast. You asked for more, and they delivered.

This dynamic team tackles topics that impact equine, pet, and animal-based entrepreneurs. To include growing, sustaining, and prospering as small business owners. Covering marketing strategies, healthy mindset, the nitty-gritty of tech, and more.

The podcasts pack a punch. Complete with interviews from industry-leading small business owners from all over the country. Providing tools, inspiration, and usable ideas for your equine, pet, or agricultural small business. Whether you are starting from scratch with a new idea or freshening up your 20-year business. The Business Animal Podcast delivers wisdom to impact your business process today.

You’ll want to take a listen to episode 38. Phyllis Burchett of Phyllis Burchett Photo gives you all the juicy details of activating passive income for your equine business, pet, or agricultural business. Yes, you heard that right. Creating a stream of passive income is a possibility. Of course, work is still involved. But, if you follow Phylllis’ Big Three you’ll be on your way to earning dollars while you sleep.

Kim and Cara strive to create podcast episodes to impact entrepreneurs like yourself. They want you to walk away from each show with knowledge, tips, and tools to drive your business ahead in your industry. Don’t miss the useful suggestions they share in episode 37 — When and how to hire a copywriter. Jennifer Dugas Bitting from The Equine Copywriter asks the big question every animal-based business owner wants to know… Is it time to hire a copywriter? Jennifer, Kim, and Cara walk you through helpful questions to learn the ins and outs of working with a copywriter. Grab the free Ideal Client Questionnaire and Business Marketing Questionnaire to get yourself started.

Other Episodes of Interest: 

  • How to Support Other Small Businesses
  • Your Mental Health Matter
  • Bringing New Ideas to the Marketplace
  • When Domestic Violence Walks Through Your Door
  • Battling the Batching Boredoms

Only one episode in, and I can already say that I’m hooked. Cara and Kimberly are engaging, informative, and a breath of fresh air for all of us new entrepreneurs just starting out. I look forward to listening to future episodes. ~ Datmar2

EXCELLENT podcast! Sooo many amazing nuggets in there. I can’t wait for the next episode! It was so well-organized and easy to follow. Wow! Wow! Wow! ~ TheJoyCoach

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About The Business Animal Podcast
Established in 2019, The Business Animal Podcast focuses on sharing beneficial marketing strategies with its listeners. Created specifically for people who are passionate about the equine, pet, or agricultural business industry. Each episode offers advice, education, and an abundance of humor to support and benefit small business owners just like you. The podcast is available anywhere you enjoy listening Visit their website for more information, downloads, and useful free tips.

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