Touched by a Horse Begins 14th Year of Equine Gestalt Certification Program in January

It has been well demonstrated that horses have a therapeutic effect on humans in crisis. Melisa Pearce, Master Gestaltist and CEO of Touched by a Horse, recognized this over 30 years ago in her Gestalt psychotherapy practice. The impact of her experience spurred her to create the Touched by a Horse Equine Gestalt Certification Program which will celebrate its 14th year of training Equine Gestalists in 2022.

The Touched by a Horse program has graduated 228 practitioners and currently has 61 students in the two-year training program. 20 more students will join the program in January. There are still a few coveted spots open as of this release.

“Horses live a naturally Gestalt based existence, making them the perfect partners for our Gestalt method,” says Pearce.

Touched by a Horse’s Equine Gestaltist training and certification program is two years in duration. It focuses on six core competencies: Gestalt and Human Dynamics; Equine Knowledge; Somatics and Intuitive Insights; Workshop Facilitation; Coaching Skills; and Business Development. At the completion of the program, graduating Equine Gestaltists have a well-rounded foundation earned from online, live, and intensive hands-on instruction under the direction of Pearce herself. Many graduates go on to create successful full-time businesses as Equine Gestaltists, while others either add Equine Gestalt to their existing business or work with clients part-time.

Gestalt is an experiential therapeutic practice conducted in the present moment to bring about awarenesses that allow the client to respond to past trauma, unfinished business, and limiting beliefs. It is a proven therapeutic practice and has demonstrated benefits to individuals from all walks of life and of all ages. Some common reasons people seek the help of an Equine Gestaltist include trauma, grief, depression, life transitions, empowerment, couple/marriage improvement, conflict mediation, combat trauma, reinvention of self, and family/teen counseling.

Horses are considered partners to the Equine Gestaltist and highly appreciated for their natural energetic awareness and input in an Equine Gestalt session. The Touched by a Horse Certification Program trains practitioners in how to conduct Gestalt sessions with horses so that the client gains the most benefit from both human and equine facilitators. No special breed or training is needed for the horse.

The Touched by a Horse Certification program runs in four semesters with two entry points for new students, one in January and one in July. To obtain information on tuition, requirements, and to obtain an application, visit or call the Touched by a Horse office at (303) 440-7125.

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Melisa Pearce
Touched by a Horse
PO Box 2162
Elizabeth, CO 80115
Phone: 303-440-7125

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