Go Inside The Plaid Horse’s November 2021 Indoors Issue

The November 2021 Indoors Issue of The Plaid Horse is here! Dive into its pages, featuring ShowMD’s Barbara Blasko, here.

Whether it was a shoulder put back into place ringside instead of a trip to the emergency room, or a lifesaving diagnosis between classes, Dr. Barbara Blasko’s mobile concierge medical service, ShowMD, has been an addition to the horse show that many didn’t even know they needed.

While the board-certified emergency medicine physician has spent more than 20 years working in ERs, it is inside the ShowMD mobile health clinic where she has found her true calling. You’ll find her there at the Desert International Horse Park’s National Sunshine Series this month in Thermal, CA. Click here to read the cover story.

Also inside:

It Happens! Indoors Edition — The Plaid Horse reached out to some top riders to share their own show ring bloopers to prove, once and for all, that mistakes really do happen to the best of us—even at indoors. Click here to read their stories.

The Equestrians of Color Photography Project — The Plaid Horse is proud to introduce some of the photo project’s featured equestrians to readers in each issue. Meet Kamera Brown-Allen, Amanina Abdul Rashid and Hailey Peret here.

Five Strides With: Elite Girl — The Oldenburg mare was Reserve Champion 7-Year-Old at the USHJA Young Jumper Championship and earned top ribbons at GLEF. Read her “interview” here.

Hassinger Farm: Where the Passion for Horses Comes First — Dr. James Hassinger, DMV and his wife, Amy Hassinger, have dedicated themselves to improving the health and happiness of both human and equine athletes. They run four businesses out of their North Carolina residence, including Hassinger Farm, Hassinger Equine Sports Medicine, Hassinger Biomedical, and Equine Healthcare International. While every business is different, their goals align with the Hassinger family’s mission: to help horses and riders. Learn more here.

Show Strides Book 4 — Show Strides book four, Testing Friendships is available now! Order your copy here, and read a sneak peek excerpt here!

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