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Cavallo Horse & Rider Hoof Boots ( offer protection and comfort for horses when worn on the front hooves—or all four. While many riders choose to boot the front hooves only, Cavallo President Carole Herder explains that booting all four hooves may be best for the horse. The front legs load 70 percent of the weight of the horse and most of the conditions such as navicular, laminitis, calcifications, abscessing, bruising, etc., occur on the fronts.

“Past or present injuries can cause a horse to apply weight to his back hooves more than normal, either compensating for the forefeet or for a direct injury to the hind,” she says. “It may be that an injury to front hooves —or an ailment such as laminitis– caused the horse to put more weight on the hinds. Internal discomfort may also shift the load unnaturally. Remember each horse is an individual. Our job is to observe, monitor, and provide the most comfort possible.”


While a horse’s front legs load 70 percent of his weight, the back legs and hooves also need protection from rocky terrain. Horses also need traction control on the hind end when traveling downhill—making boots on the back hooves important for trail riders. Crossing rocky terrain without hoof boots could cause hoof chips and solar bruising.

“My husband Greg often jokes, saying that the horses’ hind feet go everywhere the fronts do,” Herder says. “After all, Horses do have four feet. His advice is that the hinds should be provided the same comfort and protection of Cavallos, just as the fronts.”

Ordering Tips

Keep in mind that horses’ back hooves are often a size smaller and are often narrower than their front hooves. Make sure to size each hoof before ordering. Find out how here:

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Rider’s Report

Booting the back hooves provided great relief for this thin-soled horse. Check out this customer’s report:

 Amazing transformation again,” says Arizona rider Yvonne Morris. “Last year I purchased the Simple Boot Regular Sole boots for my horse Reggie to use on his front hooves. Those were major game-changers and gave me my partner back when I ride. This year, I decided to get a pair of Simple Boots in the Slim Sole for his back hooves, as Reggie seemed to be “off” in the hind. He is 22 years old this year and shows no signs of arthritis or age, but he does have thin soles. I have had him on a great hoof supplement and regular barefoot trims with a great farrier – he is in great shape.

“My farrier has commended the program he’s on, but I have noticed he has started to not come up under himself like he used to. I finally got to go and work my horse Reggie today. Wow, just wow! Reggie was moving as he used to as a young horse again! He was coming under from behind and extending in the front. He is an AQHA, so he is normally low-legged, however, he was moving out like a totally different horse! I knew the front boots made a difference, but this was amazing! After I lunged him on the soft ground, I decided to see how he would handle the gravel. Reggie didn’t miss a beat or misstep once! I rode him around bareback and only in the halter for a while with happy tears because I was so happy that he was so comfortable moving out. Riding him last year at a big popular trail ride was wonderful with the difference the front boots made. This is even more amazing! Thank you to everyone at Cavallo for developing these amazing boots.”

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 Cavallo President Carole Herder wrote the #1 International Bestseller, There Are No Horseshoes in Heaven, and the newly released Hoofprints on The Journey. She has been involved in horse health since 1993. Her company, Cavallo Horse & Rider Inc., develops, manufactures, and distributes horse products in 26 countries. Herder designed and developed Cavallo Hoof Boots and Total Comfort System Saddle Pads. She presents training sessions around the world to teach the benefits of keeping horses in a natural state. Herder is an honored recipient of the Royal Bank of Canada Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award. She was named top Innovator in the 2021 BCBusinessWomen of the Year Awards. She is also a member of the Women’s Presidents Organization, supporting female entrepreneurs in every industry.

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