National Arabian Horse Day

When approached with the question of what horse breed most exemplifies beauty, grace, stamina, athletic ability, adaptability, pride, refinement, versatility and emotional connections with its human counterpart, the Arabian horse leads the list. From the backyard family member to National Champion, the Arabian horse fits every capacity a person can come up with, and their unique history and distinctive head shape make them one of the most easily recognizable horse breeds. Those who own and love Arabian horses are filled with a passion they share on a level they hold for fellow family members, so every day to them is National Arabian Horse Day, but on February 19, the Arabian horse is recognized as one of the most popular breeds in the world.


The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the first National Arabian Horse Day to be observed on February 19, 2022, and every year thereafter.


The origins of the oldest purebred Arabian horse in the world dates back thousands of years to the Arabian Peninsula. The Bedouins, tribesmen of Arabia, are believed to be the first to domesticate the Arabian horse, forming a harmonious relationship in times of both peace and war, a horse that is good-natured, quick to learn and willing to please, while exhibiting supreme endurance and speed. A symbol of military might, Holy wars led to the spread of the breed around the world, and still today, retains all these desired qualities that made it so coveted. The Arabian is also the foundation for many other familiar breeds such as the Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, Morgan and American Saddlebred.


Visit for the special events that will take place on February 19th! Some other ways to celebrate include:

~ Attend a competition to experience the qualities of the Arabian horse in action.

~ Get involved! Join or attend your local affiliate club to learn more about Arabian horses.

~ Visit a local Arabian horse farm near you. Go to

~ Share your experience and knowledge of the Arabian horse with others

Experience the Arabian horse and use #NationalArabianHorseDay to share on social media.


  1. Beyond its unique beauty and athletic traits, the Arabian is also known for its ability to bond with humans and its loyal disposition.
  2. Noted for its distinctive features, enthusiasts immediately recognize the Arabian’s dished face and high tail. Other notable features include wide-set eyes, large nostrils, an arched neck, and an easy stride.
  3. There are over one million Arabian horses in 62 countries, with the U.S. having more than half.
  4. The average lifespan of Arabian horses is 25-30 years.
  5. Famous Arabian horse owners include Napoleon Bonaparte and George Washington.


  1. They have endured for thousands of years
  2. They are loyal companions to families young and old all over the world
  3. They offer endless opportunities to get moving and meet new people
  4. Anyone can have one in their life


Founded by the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show (a non-profit organization) and supported by Arabian Horse Times and Experience Arabian Horses, National Arabian Horse Day seeks to introduce and educate the world on the benefits of having an Arabian horse in your life, thus ensuring the breed’s longevity.

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