Mustangs Wear Cavallo Hoof Boots on Cross-Country Discovery Ride

The Mustang Discovery Ride’s ( 5,000-mile journey treks across the United States and will be filmed for the EQUUS Film festival. Riders hope to inspire the adoption of 5,000 mustangs–one mustang for every mile ridden. Cavallo Hoof Boots ( protect mustangs’ hooves as their travel begins.

Professional horse trainer Hannah Catalino specializes in mustang gentling. She prepared her horses for the trek and is eager to share what she has learned with other horse owners. Catalino and trainer Lisanne Fear will host educational events and demonstrations along their route.

“I’ve been competing in mustang makeovers since I was 17,” Catalino says. “Once I did it, I couldn’t stop. I feel blessed to pursue my passions and connect with amazing horses and people around the world. My favorite part of being a clinician is helping people strengthen their bonds with their horses. Education in the horse community is so crucial.”

Catalino is sharing the message of riding without traditional metal horseshoes. “My goal is to ride my mustangs barefoot, bitless, and treeless across the country,” she says. “Thanks to Cavallo Boots—they are providing protection for my horses’ feet as we enter diverse terrains. Especially when we ride along the roadways. My mustangs have support insoles to also add extra comfort on their hooves and joints when road riding.”

 Catalino says that her two mustangs, Rosette (rounded up out of Divide Basin, Wyoming), Bagheera (rounded up from Sulphur, Utah), as well as her BLM-branded burro Kody, all wear the boots. With the boots, they can walk pain-free without having to put metal shoes on,” she says.

The team is traveling through West Virginia in December 2021. They are learning how to use studs ( in their Cavallo Hoof Boots as the winter footing is slick’ in spots. They will be heading to Gallatin Tennessee on January 14, 2022, for a movie screening of the Robert Redford Documentary The Mustangs: America’s Wild Horses and a “Meet the Mustangs” event. Tickets are available at Equestrian Legacy Radio: Admission is a suggested donation to the Mustang Discovery Ride of $20 per person.

Keep up with the mustangs’ progress at: and Contact  Mustang Discovery Foundation Executive Director, Lisa Diersen at or call 630-272-3077 to find out how you can become involved in this amazing cross-country adventure.

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