Go Inside The Plaid Horse’s December 2021 Education Issue

The December 2021 Education Issue of The Plaid Horse is here! Dive into its pages, featuring amateur rider and podcast host Hero Bean Stevenson, here.

Candid conversations about mental health are on the rise. Simone Biles made headlines and opened minds this summer when she spoke up about the intersection of gymnastics and her mental health. In our corner of the sports world, Hero Bean Stevenson is hoping to do the same.

The California-based amateur hunter rider, 25, was on track for a career in fine art when her own battle with an eating disorder prompted a detour. Today, the host of “All of Us,” a mental health podcast set to debut its second season, is studying to become a therapist herself. With hopes of a horse community that does a little more cheering for each other and a little less hiding of our struggles, she shared her story with The Plaid Horse. Click here to read the cover story.

Also inside:

A World-Class Curriculum at Savannah College of Art and Design — It’s hard to find an equestrian academic program that offers it all—comprehensive education, a national championship equestrian team, and preparation for a career that can make a difference—but SCAD delivers all that and more. Click here to learn more.

Meet American Bred Mr. Manhattan — Last year, Manhattan was champion in the $25,000 Green Challenge at Capital Challenge. This year at Capital Challenge, Mr. Manhattan was given the Connaway & Associates Equine Insurance Services High Point American-Bred Horse Award. The German sport horse (Maximus – Phillipa) was bred and produced by Redfield Farms in Ocala. Read his story here.

All About the Pre-Purchase Exam — Peterson Smith Equine Hospital + Complete Care’s Dr. Tim Lynch demystifies the process. Hear from him here.

The Equestrians of Color Photography ProjectThe Plaid Horse is proud to introduce some of the photo project’s featured equestrians to readers in each issue. Meet Bay Collyns, Christopher Cervantes and Tahira Carroll here.

All About Tummy Gummies — Equine Elixirs created the first equine antacid gummies. Learn how they can help your horse here.

Show Strides Book 4 — Show Strides book four, Testing Friendships is available now! Order your copy here, and read an excerpt of the book here!

The Plaid Horse Questionnaire With: Tonya Johnston — The Mental Skills Coach and a host of “Inside Your Ride” on the Plaidcast answers some questions after a banner indoor circuit in the Amateur-Owner Hunter division. See her answers here.

 It Happens!— The Plaid Horse reached out to some top riders to share their own show ring bloopers to prove, once and for all, that mistakes really do happen to the best of us. Click here to read their stories.

 What, Why and How Do We Teach? — Director of Riding at Lake Eerie College and Assistant Professor of Equine Studies Mary Pardee gives an inside look at how equestrian professionals can guide their students toward success. Read her take here.

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