StreamHorseTV Acquires EQuine AMerica Magazine

StreamHorseTV, the premier international digital community where horse enthusiasts come together to expand their horizons in equine sports and culture, announces today the acquisition of EQuine AMerica Magazine.

“At the foundation of EQuine AMerica Magazine is Carina Roselli’s devotion and service not just to the sport horse community but also the United States of America. StreamHorseTV is honored by the opportunity to amplify her female, disabled-veteran owned and operated brand,” says StreamHorseTV CEO Tom Pierce. “We are on a mission to dramatically increase accessibility to our global horse world with inclusive, sophisticated, and entertaining content. EQuine AMerica is a well-respected publication with staying power in the community. This acquisition is a fantastic step forward for all horse enthusiasts.”

Carina Roselli, owner of EQuine AMerica Magazine, says “I can’t even express how excited I am that StreamHorseTV has acquired EQuine AMerica. This is such an amazing opportunity for the magazine! We’ve partnered together in the past, so I know our organizations share the same values, goals, and ideas. StreamHorseTV also offers access to greater resources and a much larger audience that will take the magazine to the next level. I am certain they will nurture and grow EQuine AMerica into the household name it has the potential to become.”

Natalie Mayrath, StreamHorseTV Director of Content, says “We have benefitted from a fruitful partnership with EQuine AMerica thus far, propelled by our shared commitment to quality over quantity, and meaningful, useful storytelling. It is a no-brainer that these two brands will continue complimenting and boosting one another well into the future under this new ownership structure.”

About StreamHorseTV
StreamHorseTV is the premier international digital community where horse enthusiasts come together to expand their horizons in equine sports and culture. StreamHorseTV is elevating equestrian entertainment, increasing accessibility, and boldly uniting the global horse world – celebrating the horse as our beloved common thread. Follow the herd over to StreamHorseTV for groundbreaking free video series, articles, and the StreamHorseTV Guide. Subscribe to StreamHorseTV for free at Follow StreamHorseTV on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

About EQuine AMerica Magazine
As an equestrian media outlet focused entirely on American horse sport, EQuine AMerica showcases the USA’s equestrian talent in para dressage, dressage, hunters, jumpers, and eventing, and promotes our nation’s outstanding equine events, products, services, artists, authors, science/tech, philanthropy, and nonprofits through our online magazine and social media platforms—Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Our mission is to offer you interesting/inspiring short and long-form content in a format that’s beautiful, readable, and relatable.

Natalie Mayrath
StreamHorseTV Director of Content

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