The Horse Guru Opens 2022 Booking

The key to a successful partnership with your horse is mutual understanding, but when there’s a blockage that prevents that partnership, it can be frustrating—for both horse and rider. Some horses can be too difficult to figure out in a safe and productive way. The rider needs to learn how to read and understand the horse in order to help the horse understand what the rider is looking for.

Both horse and human need a leader. A guide. A guru.

Enter Michael Gascon, of Gascon Horsemanship. The Horse Guru.

Gascon is a fifth generation horse trainer who is known for training the untrainable, riding the unrideable and doing the impossible with horses all over the world. He has earned the title as the Number 1 Gaited Horse Trainer in the World, but it’s his desire to make a difference in the equine industry that challenges him daily to work with any breed, any age and any discipline.

“While I’m well-known in the gaited horse world, my techniques and skills transfer to any breed and any discipline,” says Gascon. “Every horse can be a good horse, a useful horse. You just have to have a good understanding and ability to impart compassion for the horse and show that you are ready to work as a team. Imagine what your horse could do if it hadn’t been told it couldn’t.”

You may have seen The Horse Guru at the Midwest Horse Fair, Equine Affaire, Breyerfest, the World Equestrian Games, the Ozark Spring Round-Up, Southern Equine Expo, Road To The Horse and more. Gascon travels across the country, and even across the globe, with his wife, Kelsey, and their newborn daughter to help clients achieve their goals with their horse. The Horse Guru has opened his 2022 clinic calendar and is set to come to a town near you.

Whether it’s dealing with troubled horses, unrideable horses, miscommunication between horse and rider or colt breaking sessions, The Horse Guru can do it all in front of any size crowd.

For booking information, contact Gascon Horsemanship at

(Photos available on request)

Michael Gascon is known as The Horse Guru and runs an online horse training membership program. He also works side by side with horse owners addressing frustrations and potential dangers with horses of all types. Best known for his horse expo clinics, Gascon strives to share his ever-growing knowledge of colt breaking and horse training with all horse lovers across the world. You can learn more at

The Horse Guru

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