Cavallo Horse & Rider: Boot Your Horses Safely During Winter Rides with Added Studs for Traction

Ice and snow pack into your horse’s hooves and make winter a slick time to ride. However, winter doesn’t have to mean a stop to your horse riding or driving time if you prepare your horse’s Cavallo Hoof Boots ( with extra traction. The Cavallo Stud Application Kit allows you to place slip-stopping studs in the Cavallo Hoof Boots your horse already wears.

The studs offer extra traction for riding horses as well as for minis, ponies, horses. and draft horses who drive. Opt to use the studed boots on ice and snow, or while riding on slick grass. The studs fit in all Cavallo Hoof Boot sizes and styles and once removed, the boot soles are not compromised. The holes give additional flow-through for water in the warmer months.

If your horse wears metal shoes, you can fit him with boots and studs to wear over his slip-inducing forge work. Read more about wearing boots over metal shoes here:

Installation Guide

“I’ll show you how simple it is to attach the Cavallo studs into the Cavallo Hoof Boots,” says Cavallo CEO Greg Giles. “They fit in our regular sole and the slim sole boots and can help your horse have more traction when riding over wintry, icy terrain.”

First, make a starter hole in the tread with a 3/16” bit. Then take out that bit and put in the custom tool that comes with the Cavallo Stud Kit.

Pick up the Cavallo Stud and place it over the tool. Line the Stud up with your prepared hole then slowly screw the stud in with your cordlessdrill.

Make sure that the stud doesn’t extend past the sole on the inside of the boot. Older boots with worn soles may be more difficult to drill than new pairs. Watch the full installation how-to video here:

You can choose to put in as many studs as you would like depending on the traction desired. The Cavallo Hoof Boot Stud Application Kit comes with 12 studs and the application tool.

Riding Only

Don’t turn out horses with studded hoof boots in place to avoid injuries to your horse or pasture mates. Horses move differently when frolicking in the herd. When you do ride with your winter-ready boots, keep in mind that some surfaces may be too hard and thick for studs to help. Use your own judgment when riding in slippery locations. The studs and Cavallo Hoof boots provide extra traction, but they do have their limits.

Order Now

The Cavallo Hoof Bit Stud Application Kit sells for $29.90 MSRP and is available at: Boots are sold separately. For a limited time, the kits are on sale for $26.90 at

Want even more safety gear for your winter rides? Pick up a set of reflective straps for your Cavallo Trek boots and make sure you’re seen in any wintry conditions. The straps are $14.95 per pair. Trek/BFB 3M Reflective Hoof Boot Straps:

The Cavallo website is loaded with research, testimonials, and FAQs to help guide you as you transition to barefoot and prepare to ride in any sport. Visit for more help or join the discussion on Facebook: up here for Cavallo’s free newsletter and special community discounts:

 Carole Herder is the author of the #1-bestselling books: There Are No Horseshoes in Heaven, and the newly-released Hoofprints on The Journey. Her company, Cavallo Horse & Rider Inc., manufactures and distributes horse products, including Cavallo Hoof Boots and Saddle Pads, to 26 countries worldwide. Herder designed and developed Cavallo Hoof Boots and Total Comfort System Saddle Pads. She’s an honored recipient of the BCBusiness Women Innovator Award, Royal Bank of Canada Woman Entrepreneur Award, a member of the Women Presidents’ Organization, and a certified Chopra University Yoga Instructor and Ayurvedic Teacher. 

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