Winning the Gold! Children’s Equine Art Book Sweeps National CIPA Literary Competition

Corinne Joy Brown, a freelance journalist, author and independent publisher of horse-related media in Englewood, Colorado proudly announces winning First Place for “Awesome Art Activities for Horse Lovin’ Kids”. The distinction was  awarded by the Colorado Independent Publishers’ Association and the CIPA Education and Literacy Foundation’s 2021 CIPA EVVY awards nationwide competition; category “Children’s Non-fiction. “

A stimulating combination of art lessons inspired by horses for children ages ten and up, the glossy, image-filled pages detail six projects designed to enhance the human-horse connection. Developed by Corinne, a horse-loving art professional, and tested on members of a local pony club, the charming efforts of these young artists grace the pages.

The workbook is illustrated in part with classic examples of equine art of the past, from the Lascaux cave paintings to the racehorses of Degas. Children learn about a grand tradition while discovering their own innate talent. Not a “how to” book, but rather a “why not?” book, each lesson comes with clear directions, a materials list accessible at any crafts or art store, and special instruction boxes throughout featuring tips for teachers or group leaders. In addition, a special download of additional ideas for each chapter is available on the author’s website at no charge. (

The first volume of two, this unique resource is not available on-line. Contact Loose Cayuse Productions at for a tear sheet, cover art, images, plus sales and shipping information, or call 720-480-7173.

Loose Cayuse Production
Englewood, Colorado
Contact: Corinne Joy Brown

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