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Horse owners depend on advice from a community. The Cavallo Horse & Rider community ( thrives because horse owners share what has worked best for their horses. Now, Cavallo wants to add your hoof boot success stories to create an even better online hoof-care resource.

Have you used hoof boots to help your horse travel easily, ride over rough terrain, or heal from laminitis (or another hoof ailment)? Add your experience to the Cavallo online community and your story will become a resource for other horse owners as they need help and support. Ready to share your Cavallo Hoof Boot story? Tell us what your horse needed help with and how boots aided in healing –or better riding!

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Read current success stories at and on The social media and blog pages provide support for horse owners seeking help for horses with laminitis, sensitive soles, hoof injuries, and more. Here’s a sampling of experiences shared online–that just may help you better understand how to help your horse, too.

Laminitis and Insulin Resistance

“After a rough winter, my poor little miniature pony, Mona, started to develop Laminitis. For the first few weeks, she spent hours and hours laying down, had no appetite, and was in obvious pain. After a round of Bute, she was doing a bit better but that obviously wasn’t a permanent fix. My vet recommended hoof boots to me, but I was having trouble finding them in miniature sizes until I stumbled across the CLB from Cavallo. I ordered a pair after measuring her feet (in pink sparkles, of course). Today I put them on for the first time and I feel like this is the start to getting my pony back. I saw immediate results. She actually wanted to walk instead of feeling as if I was dragging her behind me on the lead rope, begging her to follow. Although she was still stumbling a bit, she was taking confident steps and was happy to walk. With the Cavallo CLB, exercise, diet, and help from my farrier and vet, I have no doubt that Mona will be running around before I know it! Thank you for giving my pony the confidence in knowing that not every step has to hurt! I cannot wait to measure my riding mare and order a pair of hoof boots for her to make her more comfortable as well when we go out on the trail!” —Maxi

“​We found out Tonto was insulin resistant 10 months ago. He had rotation due to multiple laminitis episodes going unnoticed. After my veterinarian’s recommendation of shoes (after being barefoot his whole life), Tonto got tremendously worse. He suffered multiple abscesses month after month and had a Whiteline infection for weeks. I said enough. I knew shoes were doing more damage. I’ve been barefoot for years and know the benefits of it. Two months ago I had the shoes pulled and we put him in Cavallos. He only continued to improve. I use Cavallos on all my horses and now know for certain he can always be barefoot with their protection, regardless of his rotation and problems.” —TeacherHorse

Sensitive Soles

“I just got a pair of Trek Boots for my gelding with terribly sensitive soles and just like that he’s back on the trail! Easy to put on and remove, and pretty easy to find the right size. They stayed on over rocks, through water, and at every gait, and he seemed so happy to be able to confidently stride out and not worry about his feet hurting!” —Shannon Johnson

“My horse has super sensitive feet and these made an instant difference in his footing! I can’t thank you enough for making my horse more comfortable to walk and pain-free. Shaggy Lane Farm thanks you.” —Regeana Crites

Conquering All Terrain

“I could not be more pleased with my hoof boots! Traditional horseshoes were not cutting it for my gelding, Darwynn. They seemed to cause more problems than they solved and still didn’t provide enough protection on rough terrain, which is important to us, since we do all of our riding out on trails, practicing for endurance rides.  I got Darwynn the Cavallo Hoof Boots, and he absolutely loves them! He now walks confidently over rocks, roots, and anything we encounter. We’ve also worn them on roads, through creeks, and in sticky mud, and I’m thrilled to say the boots haven’t budged during anything we’ve put them through. The best part is when I’m done riding I can take the boots off, and turn him out barefoot in the pasture so his hooves can heal and regain their natural strength.” – Rhi Banks, Asheville, NC

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