Keep Your Blankets Tidy Anywhere You Go

No one likes to walk into a barn alley littered with blankets, sheets, and saddle pads on the ground. Not to mention, improper care of these investments decreases their usability and can even cause harm to your horses if they’re used when dirty or need repair due to poor care. Classic Equine has two items that are perfect to easily and safely hold your blankets and pads at home and events.

The Classic Equine Blanket Bag is an oversized, black mesh bag that measures 23″ x 12.5″ x 17.5″. It’s equipped with D-rings and clips for easy hanging on almost any stall front, so you know your horse’s essentials will stay with him. A strap with a plastic clasp holds the entire bag together to keep gear inside when moving the blanket bag from home to trailer to event stall. The main bag is large enough to hold more than you can imagine, including a winter blanket, a sheet, a Lycra bodysuit, and more. A large side pocket is perfect for stowing essentials such as standing wraps and a brush or two.

The Classic Equine Blanket Hanger is a sleek, black, lightweight metal bar that easily attaches to almost any stall front, at home or at an event. Its durable construction can hold summer sheets all the way up to heavy winter blankets, plus saddle pads that need to dry. It takes up minimal space in your barn or trailer and is effortless to transport when you’re on the go. Plus, it matches all the other black, metal hangers in Classic Equine’s lineup including a bottle hanger and bridle hanger.

Find this and other trusted Classic Equine products at your favorite authorized retailer. For more information and to locate a dealer nearest you, visit Remember to follow Classic Equine Facebook and Instagram.




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