The Plaid Horse Returns to Equine Affaire in Ohio This Week!

The Plaid Horse will once again have a presence at Equine Affaire, North America’s premier equestrian exposition, in 2022.

Equine Affaire brings in tens of thousands of equestrians and horse lovers each year, with its multifaceted offerings including clinics, seminars, demonstrations, trade shows, exhibits, forums, and consignment store.

The exposition will be held in Columbus, Ohio from April 7 – 10, 2022 and in West Springfield, MA from November 10 – 13, 2022, and The Plaid Horse will host a booth at both events.

Stop by The Plaid Horse booth and pick up copies of The Plaid Horse magazine, free stickers and bookmarks, and purchase the Show Strides book series. Show Strides is The Plaid Horse’s own series of horse novels about riding, showing, horsemanship, and friendships created as equestrians. Show Strides is a middle grade novel series but is entertaining for readers of all ages.

Visitors can also meet Dr. Piper Klemm herself, publisher of The Plaid Horse magazine and co-author of the Show Strides book series. Speak with Dr. Klemm about The Plaid Horse and learn more about her online college courses that cover topics in equestrian coaching, business, and history.

“Equine Affaire is one of my favorite events. It is so well-attended, and it continues to grow and evolve each year,” says Dr. Klemm. “Equine Affaire brings together equestrians of all disciplines, which is something we don’t get to experience often. You are able to learn so much by observing and interacting with riders from different backgrounds, and the event really demonstrates how special the equine community is.”

Click here to learn more about The Plaid Horse and click here for more information about Equine Affaire.

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