Cavallo Horse & Rider: Keep Old Boots for Future Hoof Emergencies

Old hoof boots are good hoof boots. While Cavallo Hoof Boots are made to last (, your horse can wear them down over time, or you may want to upgrade to the newest design. Be sure to keep your old boots. Well-worn Cavallos work well as therapy boots if needed for a hoof emergency.

Certified hoof trimmer Samantha McCormack of Top2Toe Equine Services in Victoria, Australia, recommends keeping older boots in case your horse has a hoof injury or requires stall rest.

“They are good for laminitis, abscesses, and hoof injuries where the hoof has to be bandaged to keep the bandage dry and clean,” McCormack says. “Old boots that don’t have much tread left are preferable as they can get trashed when leaving them on a horse 24/7. You want to preserve your new boots for riding. They’re also great to loan to clients that are new to boots so they can try them before they buy a pair.”

Rehab Boots

Keep your older Cavallos on hand to help your horse feel cushioned and comfortable if he has laminitis or a hoof injury. The older boots are shaped to your horse’s hoof shape and will feel most comfortable during any needed stall rest.

If your horse ever has an abscess, soaking can help. Cavallo Hoof Boots are easily modified to become therapy boots by simply taping up the drainage holes to prevent your solution from escaping. Twenty to thirty minutes of soaking in warm salt water will help. Your horse can still move around while being treated–unlike the usual method of standing in a bucket. Plus, the boots are less bulky than many boots made for soaking. Here’s a video where I show the easy steps to transform your Cavallos into soaking boots:

Donate to Rescues

Consider donating your old boots to horse rescues. They need all the comfort and protection they can get and many of these associations are operating on a shoestring.

Storage Space

If you store your old boots well, they will be ready when needed. Keep your horse’s older boots in a cool location where they won’t be exposed to heat. It is best to store your Cavallo Hoof Boots in a cool, dry location with good air circulation. Wet boots should be allowed to dry before placing them in storage and should not be stored in the original box or in areas of poor air circulation. Storing the boots in high temperatures or high humidity levels should also be avoided. It is recommended to store boots with all Velcro panels and straps closed to keep them free of hay, hair, dirt, and other debris.

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