Take Your Horse to Summer School with a FREE Horse Guru Membership

Beat the heat while expanding your horsemanship knowledge with The Horse Guru. For the first time ever, Michael Gascon is giving away his VIP level membership with access to over 700 training videos for FREE this summer.

Can’t haul your horse to the Gascon Horsemanship Ranch? The Horse Guru has taken the basics of virtual lessons and trainings and taken them to a whole new level of innovation in learning, with guaranteed results.

The Team MG Members’ Club memberships offer you a customized training experience for you and your horse—Michael gives you the tools and the knowledge to do it yourself. If you sign up for FREE this Summer with no commitment, you’ll get to experience first-hand the confidence and safety that can come from following a step-by-step method of training your own horse. If you wish to have more hands-on support from Michael himself, his program has a variety of membership levels to choose from that offer weekly video submission reviews, live social media sessions, and more.

While the growth of the Team MG Members’ Club Membership has hit new levels, Michael and his wife Kelsey make it a priority to make weekly Facebook and video review sessions very personable and will do what they can to help every member out, no matter their level.

“We understand that budgets can be tight, especially with how things are these days, but we also know horse owners want to continue their education and grow their relationship with their horse, no matter what,” says Michael. “That’s why we offer the variety and levels of memberships we do. We focus on the horse and rider and their relationship because that’s what is most important.”

You can sign up for a Team MG Membership by visiting the website http://horseguru.com/#join-today.


For booking information, contact Gascon Horsemanship at gasconhorsemanship@gmail.com.

The Horse Guru – Michael Gascon is a fifth-generation world-renowned horse trainer who is taking the equine industry by storm! He is the next big thing in the equine industry and he plans to make it to the top and stay there. He’s known for training the untrainable, riding the unrideable, and doing the impossible with horses all around the world as well as being a Champion Colt Starter. Although Michael has been titled the #1 Gaited Horse Trainer in the World due to his success with the Paso Fino breed (over 50 National Championships), his desire to make a difference in the equine industry and to become the best all-around horse trainer in the world has challenged him to advance his skills and specialties to be applied to any breed. From a pony to a Percheron and anything in between, there’s no problem too big or too small, The Horse Guru can handle them all! Not only do his horse clients vary by breed and discipline, but his owner clientele varies by country, riding ability, discipline, and ultimate equine goal for their four-legged partners. He is also an equine viral video sensation and has over 400 MILLION views on his social media videos!!! To learn more, check out gasconhorsemanship.com.

The Horse Guru – Michael Gascon

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