Biography of Marguerite Henry, Beloved Author of Horse Books, to Come from Trafalgar Square Books

Trafalgar Square Books ( is thrilled to announce a deal with Wall Street Journal columnist Lettie Teague to write a biography of Marguerite Henry, beloved author of 59 books, including the famed Misty of Chincoteague; King of the Wind; and Justin Morgan Had a Horse. Teague is the winner of three James Beard Awards for her writing and the author of three books. She is also a horse lover—her first horseback ride took place around the same time as the first time she read a Marguerite Henry book, at the age of nine.

“Lettie Teague’s skilled writing, extensive journalistic experience, and personal connection to both horses and the books Marguerite Henry wrote about them make her the ideal individual to take on this exciting and challenging project,” says TSB Managing Editor Rebecca Didier. “The preliminary research she has already done in the existing archives and the contacts she has made promise to yield a rich and wonderful telling of the life of a massively influential writer and truly remarkable woman.”

An accurate and entertaining chronicle of Marguerite Henry’s evolution as a writer (she published her first story at age eleven), extensive travels (she visited many of the places she wrote about in her books, including Siena, Italy; Vienna, Austria; Reno, Nevada; Lexington, Kentucky; and of course, the island of Chincoteague in Virginia), and grand friendship with illustrator Wesley Dennis, whose artwork graced the pages of 15 Henry books, will require cooperation from the important groups who continue to work today to preserve the Henry legacy. TSB is grateful to the University of Minnesota, which houses the Henry archives, for working with Teague. In addition, TSB and Teague are excited to have the blessing of The Misty of Chincoteague Foundation, a group of educators, professionals, business people, artists, and children of all ages, which works “to promote literacy, writing, and conservation of places that allow the imagination to soar unfettered.”

“The Misty of Chincoteague Foundation Board is eagerly anticipating the new biography on the life of award-winning author and mentor, Marguerite Henry,” says Board Director Rebecca Giusti. “Henry was a tenacious and thorough researcher, a great writer, and a visionary. She was determined to carve out her own life and body of work and do it her way…. While we can glean something of the author through her own works, we are so excited to hear about Marguerite Henry’s amazing life and drive in a book dedicated to her!”

The biography of Marguerite Henry is scheduled for release in 2024.

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