Everything Horses and Livestock® Magazine Launches “HoofNit Podcast”

By Everything Horses and Livestock® Magazine Jana Harrington-Barcus & Melissa Cowan

The Podcasts follow the content of the magazine. Host Jana Harrington-Barcus and Co-Host Melissa Cowan interview people who have amazing stories, business dreams that were sparked from connections through our equine friends. But that is not all – remember the “Everything” part of the magazine name?

EHAL Magazine has a beautiful Podcast and Interview booth at their office location. Advertising customers can call in or come in person to create their advertising. We have gone mobile! We can take our podcast to our clients. The first adventure we had was our trip to Agape Ranch. They provided a tour of the campus along with an interview with Riley Olson, the Ranch Manager. In our Interviews he talks about how the connection with the horse is helping troubled young men from all over the U.S. change their life journey into a positive direction.

We publish on major podcast stations e.g. Apple Podcast, Buzzsprout, Amazon, Google Podcast, iHeartRadio the list goes on. Including a YouTube channel.

We love human interest stories. For example:

  • “I’m Not Dying Today” is about a 16yr old young man that had a life and death experience he and his father tell us the story. Or we have interviews with families that have started business that provide the community with all natural/organic products that they have developed from their own gardens.
  • Nigel Fennell, Farrier and sculptor who created a magnificent one-of-kind life sized sculpture of Secretariat which was unveiled at the AHP Equine Media Conference in Lexington KY.
  • Well known Auctioneer & Rodeo Announcer Brandon McLagan, talks about his life on the road.

So many more adventures and stories we are excited to share on HoofNit Podcast

This news channel, magazine and podcast came to fruition due to the passion of an outdoor sportswriter, husband, and father from a small-town community in Paola, Kansas. Bob Harrington’s passion for people, community, outdoors, and sports, radiated to his daughter Jana Harrington-Barcus. She and her son Billy Lane Barcus, created and designed, Everything Horses and Livestock® Magazine. EHALNews.com comes from the heart and soul of community, family, friend’s, farmers, ranchers, rodeo, and business owners anywhere in the world. The agenda is connection, supporting one another, sharing stories, and bringing the community together to support each other in a healthy, positive manner.

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Editor and Chief-Jana Harrington-Barcus
913-333-2657 Website:  https://www.EHALnews.com
Mailing Address: 29545 Pleasant Valley Rd, Paola Ks 66071

Owner: Jana Harrington-Barcus and Billy Lane Barcus
Cell: 913-333-2657
Website:  https://www.EHALnews.com

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