StreamHorseTV at the 2022 AHP Equine Media Awards

StreamHorseTV, the premier international digital community where horse enthusiasts come together to expand their horizons in equine sports and culture, is proud to announce its recognition at the 2022 AHP Equine Media Awards earlier this year.

2021 Trailblazing Horsewomen Livestream

The 1st Place honor for “Publishing Media Equine-related Podcast” was granted to the 2021 Trailblazing Horsewomen Livestream, phenomenally hosted and co-produced by the award-winning writer L.A. Sokolowski on International Women’s Day 2021.

StreamHorseTV submitted the entry on behalf of all the media partners involved and the legendary Trailblazers interviewed: L.A. Sokolowski as host and co-producer, StreamHorseTV Director of Content Natalie Mayrath as co-producer, Horse Illustrated as co-presenter, and interviewees Patti Colbert (Creator of Extreme Mustang Makeover), Patricia Kelly (Founder, Ebony Horsewomen, Inc.), Anne Kursinski (Two-time Silver medalist/five-time Olympian), Debbie Roberts Loucks (CEO, Monty & Pat Roberts Inc.), Lynn Palm (Trainer of four AQHA Superhorses, AQHA Professional Horsewoman of the Year), and Linda Tellington-Jones (Founder of Tellington TTouch Training®).

Along with 1st Place for the collective came a beautiful testimony from the Judges, “This entry was a highly enriching podcast with remarkable guests and a wise moderator, an heirloom piece for the industry.”

Learn more about and watch the 2021 Trailblazing Horsewomen Livestream here.  Read the recaps and watch clips from the broadcast here: Top Horsewomen School Their Industry on Cultural Competence ; Healing Humans with Horses: Industry Experts Weigh In.

People’s Champion Whitmore Invites Us On His Next Adventure

StreamHorseTV also received Honorable Mention in the “News Reporting Related Feature Single Article” category for Natalie Mayrath’s piece on horse racing’s People’s Champion: Whitmore.

Natalie’s article and corresponding video interview from 2021 comes from StreamHorseTV’s Racehorse Retirement Planning series, where we showcase owners and other connections who are investing in their horses’ lives beyond racing and explore the planning that enables safe and stable long-term solutions for transition into retirement and second careers.

From sale reject, to problem child, to the unlikeliest of champions, Whitmore took his connections and fans on an illustrious journey, winning at the top level for a remarkable six years and capturing hearts through his final race in August 2021. His humans weigh in on their horse of a lifetime’s impact, inspiration, next chapters, and how finding the right match is a crucial part of successful retirement.

Along with Honorable Mention came a wonderful testimony from the Judges, “What an awesome lead! This article was so well-written. You pulled the reader right in and didn’t let go. Great quotes and great anecdotes throughout. Excellent work.”

Read the article and watch the interview with Ron and Laura Moquett and Hannah Boyle on StreamHorseTV. Ride along with Whitmore as he begins training for his next career as a jumper on StreamHorseTV’s Retraining Goals presented by Retired Racehorse Project.

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