Cavallo Horse & Rider: Carole Herder Announces New Laminitis Video Series 

Cavallo Horse & Rider President Carole Herder announces her online laminitis care video series ( The first installment is available online at no charge now:

“Every horse owner will benefit from this laminitis video series, and many already have,” Herder says. ”This series is modeled after my recent talks as a presenter at Equine Affaire in Ohio. I was bowled over by how well-attended my laminitis talks were and how desperate people were to help their horses. Several people could not attend my talk in person but wanted to see the presentation; they requested a recording. At first, I was just going to make a quick recording to send to these folks, but then I thought, why not make a video series widely available to anyone who needs this information?”

Herder’s first video of the series defines laminitis and founder and explains what’s happening inside your horse’s hoof when affected by these conditions. In a friendly-yet-informative tone, Herder offers helpful advice and addresses a laminitic horse’s unique needs in terms of diet, herd connection, stress reduction, hoof care, and more.

“I hope you enjoy the series and will reach out if you have any questions. But, please watch the entire series first and go ahead and share it,” Herder says.

Watch the video now:

Bonus Hoof Care Resources  

CLICK HERE to get the FREE Barefoot Trim Manual:  ( and the video mentioned in Herder’s laminitis video.

“I had so much fun producing this Barefoot Trim Manual and video with friend and all-star barefoot trimmer Lynn Sealy.” Herder says. “I think you’ll enjoy it, and it will help you confidently oversee the trimming work done on your horse going forward.”

Find more info about using your Cavallo Hoof Boots as a tool to help your horse heal from Laminitis HERE:

Check out this Q&A article discussing how to use Cavallo Hoof Boots for horses’ hoof rehab and why veterinarians recommend them. READ HERE:

Laminitis Recovery Testimonial 

Laminitis caused a horse pain when his hoof wall separated and the sole was penetrated. Horse owner Margaret Warner of the UK says Cavallo Hoof Boots helped her horse recover

“My horse, BigWig, has had Laminitis and been on box rest for weeks. X-rays revealed sole penetration, so even walking out of stable was very painful,” Warner says. “As he started to improve, l started to let him have a wander around the yard. When the Cavallo Boots arrived, l put them on and immediately, he was so much more comfortable! He has been wearing them outside the stable for about a month and the difference is amazing. He is out for a few hours a day and the farrier is very pleased. We hope to start ridden-work soon, so l will be riding with boots.”

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 Carole Herder is the author of the #1-bestselling books: There Are No Horseshoes in Heaven and the newly-released Hoofprints on The Journey. Her company, Cavallo Horse & Rider Inc., manufactures and distributes horse products, including Cavallo Hoof Boots and Saddle Pads, to 26 countries worldwide. Herder designed and developed Cavallo Hoof Boots and Total Comfort System Saddle Pads. She’s an honored recipient of the BCBusiness Women Innovator Award, Royal Bank of Canada Woman Entrepreneur Award, a member of the Women Presidents’ Organization, and a certified Chopra University Yoga Instructor and Ayurvedic Teacher. 

 Visit to learn about the full line of Cavallo Horse & Rider products. Call toll-free from the USA or Canada: (877) 818-0037. 

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