Everything Horses and Livestock® Magazine Promotes BE Saddle Pads

By Everything Horses and Livestock® Magazine Jana Harrington-Barcus & Melissa Cowan

HoofNit™ with BE Saddle Pads

 Everything Horses and Livestock Magazine® worked with Better Equine owner, Bill Barcus one of the creators of these custom made saddle pads on his BE Saddle demonstrations.

The main reasons for using this unique saddle pad are to pull heat and moisture away from the horse’s back. Improving saddle fit by providing the correct thickness, this helps distribute the forces on the horse’s back more consistently as they move and gives protection to the under-side of the saddle. As consumers, whether competing or relaxing on our horse, we should have the horse’s comfort priority to enhance top performance. Our staff at “Everything Horse and Livestock®” received the opportunity to personally use these BE Saddle pads and we find they work amazing.

This was our first outside podcast and video created for one of our advertising clients. We are very excited to share this HoofNit™ Podcast Video.

While working with Bill on this BE Saddle Pads video, he explains to potential customers how these pads were made and why these pads work to help the horse with comfort. By demonstrating how each horse is built differently, Bill provided instructions for those that cannot bring the horse to the Better Equine store of how to measure and order your BE Saddle Pad for your horse and saddle combination. BE Saddle pads are made in several thickness to help customize the saddle/horse combination and ships USA wide. To look at all the styles and colors of BE Saddle Pads go to https://www.BESaddlePads.com

Be sure to check our Everything Horses and Livestock® YouTube channel to see and hear Bill talk about these incredible custom-made saddle pads.  YouTube Channel: Better Equine BE Saddle Pads

Saddle Up and Ride with us as we are HoofNit™ on to our next Journey!

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