Horses and Humans Research Foundation (HHRF) Welcomes New Board Member

Horses and Humans Research Foundation is pleased to introduce our newest board member, Camille Davis Hayes, PsyD, RYT.

Camille Davis Hayes, PsyD, RYT is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin who moved to Texas 19 years ago. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Dillard University, her doctorate in clinical psychology from Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology and her registered yoga teacher certification from Lifeologie Institute School for Psychotherapeutic Yoga. Camille has extensive training and experience in mental health, she has worked on both the practitioner and administrative side of group and private practices. Given her experience and desire to provide a great standard of quality mental health services, to cities south of Dallas, she opened Lifeologie Midlothian in January 2022.

Camille is an animal enthusiast and has a special place in her heart for horses. She is the proud owner of two horses and her daughter is a competitive rider. Camille has firsthand knowledge of the horse-human interaction and how beneficial it is. She has a family testimony that she would love to share to those who are unknowing or have an alternative view of horses.

Camille is married with two children. She resides in Desoto, Texas and loves to read, hike, ride her horses and travel.

Camille believes “Horses heal parts in us that are otherwise only accessible by our Creator.”

Dr. Pebbles Turbeville, HHRF Executive Director, shared “Not only does Camille understand the connection with horses, she has experienced how horses helped her daughter in many ways.”

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