Social Media Professional

Banixx Horse & Pet Care is seeking a professional to handle our Social Media commitments.  We would consider an intern if it’s the right fit. Position includes Posting on Facebook (5-7 times per week) monitoring Instagram and Pinterest (occasional updates to Pinterest), with the goal of increasing our Reach and Brand Awareness. Position will have shared Admin capabilities/responsibilities.  Experience with corporate FaceBook pages is desirable along with knowledge of running and monitoring ongoing ads.  Competitions are run on FaceBook on a casual quarterly basis; this is also part of the program.  Ongoing month-end reporting is required in Excel format.

This position can be handled from any location. School credit can be received.

Must have a passion/empathy for horses, cats and dogs and familiarity with other pets is a plus. We strive, in our posts, to bring a variety of content to our reader, so that, sometimes, we bring a smile to the reader’s face, but, other times we seek to inform our readers regarding pet care and/or bring attention to improving animal welfare.

Banixx is a well-established manufacturer and distributor of topical anti-microbial products for pets great and small.  The Banixx line of products is not only earth-friendly, but, pet friendly, while being amazingly effective. We have been in business for 12 years and pride ourselves on producing quality, unique products with a strong emphasis on customer service at all levels.  Banixx has been active on FaceBook for approximately three years with a fan base of 27,000.

Please email Jane DeMeulemester, VP Banixx, at with details of your experience, availability and desired pay package.

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