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U.S. Marketing Manager

Haygain Seeks U.S. Marketing Manager

An exciting role in developing innovative horse health company’s presence in focus markets for Haygain and ComfortStall products.

With Haygain Hay Steamers and ComfortStall Therapeutic Sealed Flooring systems steadily gaining firm believers across all disciplines in the United States, the U.K.-based parent company, Haygain Ltd, is seeking a U.S.-based marketing manager for the States and Canada. This full-time position is an exciting opportunity to be part of an innovative horse health company’s already well-underway expansion in North America. This position is based in Ft. Worth, Texas.

To apply for this position, contact Stacie Ashley at Page Executive by phone: 713 512 5951; or email sashley@pageexecutive.com.


Haygain was founded in the U.K. 11 years ago around the commercial launch of high temperature Hay Steamers developed in conjunction with the Royal Agricultural University of Cirencester, England. The steamers virtually rid hay of inhalable irritants and have become critical to protecting horse’s respiratory health. They are equally embraced for elite performance purposes and everyday comfort in beloved backyard companions. Backed by extensive and ongoing scientific research, Haygain hay steaming is widely accepted as an important part of preventing and/or treating respiratory health challenges that affect a huge percent of the equine population, often without obvious symptoms.

Haygain purchased ComfortStall three years ago as the perfect addition to its line of equipment that enhances horse health without medication. ComfortStall is a sealed, three-layer flooring system that provides stable cushion for the horse. It reduces wear and tear on joints and provides proprioception that accelerates the body’s natural healing process, great for horses recovering from surgeries, injuries and those in regular work. The cushion ComfortStall provides eliminates the need for bedding beyond that required to absorb urine, and less bedding means less dust contributing to bad stable air. Less bedding also cuts stable maintenance costs significantly.

The marketing manager position entails a wide scope of responsibilities. Digital and content marketing and optimization, performance analysis, sales support and budgeting are a few of the duties.

A business or science degree and previous digital marketing experience in a medium to large business (ideally pharmaceuticals) and knowledge of horses and the equestrian world are among the essential skills sought. Microsoft Office proficiency, high energy, hard-working and motivated team player mentality are equally important.

To learn more about Haygain, visit www.haygain.us.


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