Summer Part Time Intern

GGT Footing is looking for a part time intern for the Summer!

Perfect for a college student looking to put some work history on their resume.

Prefer someone who knows Microsoft Dynamics database.

A couple days a week in the Spartanburg, SC office...duties include database entry, mailing samples follow up phone calls. General office work. Presales development.

Send a letter of interest to Cynthia Keating at

About GGT-Footing ™ the equine footing division of Polysols, Inc.

Located in Spartanburg, SC. Originally based out of Germany, but due to demand in the USA, a plant was opened eleven years ago, to accommodate the growing needs. Now offering a full line of Arena textile additives, specialty groomers, stall padding, arena butterfly matting systems, dust control. Underwater irrigation systems and water free solutions by our installers. GGT-Footing also has a pre-blended mix available to ship, ready to install on your freshly laser graded base. We offer arena and free sand consultation. We also have accomplished arena builders around the world, ready to serve your every need for arena footing.


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