Contract Labor Assignment

Project to be completed remotely

The Morgan Horse magazine is looking for an ideal match for a contract labor agreement to assist with the logistics of magazine production during our largest editions.  This person would be a logistics or “traffic manager” assisting the current magazine team with clerical, administrative work so they may focus on design, writing, ad sales, etc.  This is a seasonal contract, and the required dates, duties and qualifications can be found by clicking the link above.  Send your resume and a cover letter via email to Executive Director, Carrie Mortensen at for consideration. This position will work remotely and NOT out of the AMHA office.  You must have your own equipment (computer, internet access, etc.).  Resumes/Cover Letters will be accepted until the position is filled.

Timeline and Availability Required:

August Edition —June 22 – July 12

September Edition —July 28 – Aug. 17

October Edition—Sept. 2 – Sept. 23

Nov-Dec Edition —Oct. 27 – Nov. 17

Jan-Feb 2023 Edition – Jan 3 – Jan 13

Notes-Some of the start dates are Thursday/Friday; final press dates may change

 Duties (including but not limited to):

  • Searching for photos and other ad publishing materials (such as logos)
  • Downloading ad photos submitted by photographers (FTP, Basecamp, Etc.);
  • Organizing and preparing photos and submitting them to Clipping Factory;
  • Read/edit ad copy and verify peoples and horse’s names in database (spelling, breeding, GCH status, Etc.);
  • Filing submitted documents and photos completely ready for design staff to use; Proofing ads completed by design staff before sales team proofs to advertisers.
  • Other needs as directed by the TMH Editor and/or Executive Director.


  • Familiarity with Google Documents/ Google Drive;
  • Use of Photoshop: at least elementary editing and color correcting skills; Editing in Microsoft Word;
  • Schedule flexibility and availability for late hours and/or weekend work leading up to press deadline)
  • Strong language/proof reading skills and attention to detail.
  • Reliable internet access.


  • Design skill is not necessary; however, if a candidate has the capability, that would be considered a plus!
  • AMHA will report all compensation on the appropriate IRS Tax form 1099 as required by law (the ENTIRE amount will be reported as contract labor income).  This entire amount is TAXABLE.  Individuals should check with their personal tax advisors regarding the ability to write off any portion as work related expenses.
  • The first magazine edition will be a “trial” basis to see if the assignment is a good match for the contract laborer and the TMH team.


  • $10,000 – Over the 5 Edition Assignment
  • Payment schedule to be agreed upon in contract labor agreement.

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