Help Get Breyer® Into the Toy Hall of Fame!

Nominations End – July 31st

What do Queen Elizabeth and Elvis have in common?  Their beloved horses were memorialized as Breyer models!  And did you know that there are NO horse toys/collectibles in the National Toy Hall of Fame?  Barbie and Mr. Potato Head are there and even a bucket of sand was included!  What’s missing is Breyer and we need your help to get there!

The deadline for Toy Hall of Fame nominations is July 31st. So round up your horse friends, followers, listeners, and readers and let’s get Breyer in the race!  Share your Breyer stories with the Hall of Fame committee at:

  • Tell them about the first Breyer you owned, what it meant, and how Breyer brought the horse world to you
  • Share your experiences in the Breyer fan community including model horse shows, BreyerFest, customizing models and more

Breyer horses help tell the stories of the horse world – from famous barrel racers to Olympic dressage horses to Triple Crown winners and Hollywood heroes!  Models like Secretariat, Roy Rogers’ Trigger, Misty of Chincoteague and Black Beauty bring equine legends home.

Breyer horses inspire kids to learn to care for their horses thanks to accessories ranging from stables to blankets to saddles and bridles, as well as miniature feeding and stable cleaning kits.

Kids go on imaginary adventures discovering wild Mustangs in the Rocky Mountains with their Breyer horses, and explore Portuguese culture with their Lusitanos.  They envision themselves riding Irish Sporthorses point-to-point with some models or moving cattle to fresh pasture in Oklahoma with others.  Breyer activity kits bring out the artist in kids to adults, enabling them to customize models in endless colors!

Since 1950, Breyer has been making the world’s finest model horses, using quality materials durable enough for play and beautiful for display.  Now in its 33rd year, BreyerFest brings over 30,000 fans to Kentucky in July for the world’s largest horse and model horse event of its kind;  and fans from over 100 countries attend virtually.  And Breyer gives back – proceeds from the BreyerFest benefit auction and raffles has resulted in over $3,000,000 in cash donations to child and animal charities.

Located at The Strong Museum in Rochester, New York, the National Toy Hall of Fame recognizes toys that have inspired creative play and enjoyed popularity over generations.  To date 74 toys have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Let’s get Breyer in the Hall of Fame too.  Nominate by July 31st!

About Breyer Animal Creations®
Breyer Animal Creations is a division of Reeves International, Inc., a family-owned, NJ-based toy manufacturer and distributor. Breyer, winner of the 2021 Equine Industry Vision Award, champions the horse and other animals, and is dedicated to the creation of authentic and realistic model horses for both play and collecting. More than just a brand, Breyer is a community – complete with an annual horse festival for all ages – BreyerFest – now in its 33rd year. Learn more at

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